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According to Tejarat News, in the past few days, several announcements were published in the Cadal system, some of which were related to “disclosure of important information” of companies. This information, which is published in terms of importance in two groups (A and B), is therefore important for shareholders, which gives direction to the stock price. The following is a brief description of some of these announcements.

“Sheld”: Lordegan urea chemical fertilizer announced that the compressor of carbon dioxide unit of urea unit, which was out of production due to structural weakness and consequently the production of urea was stopped, returned to production. Currently, a urea unit with a capacity of 70% and an ammonia unit with a capacity of 90% are being produced. It should be noted that after the compressor was activated and during the normalization period, and considering the frequent power outages and incoming electricity of the complex (for more than two months), about 50,000 tons of export urea products were produced and the complex with knowledge and With the help of Iranian specialists and experts, it is working and producing. In addition, the design of a new sealing system between the stages and the improvement of other backup compressor equipment is underway.

«شپدیس»: Pardis Petrochemical announced in a statement titled “Transparency about rumors, news or published reports” that following the news published in cyberspace about the difference in the selling price of Pardis Petrochemical’s export urea, according to the existing contract and the procedure of selling sales to offices. Corn for urea is deferred from the buyer as the urea rate at the time of pre-invoice issuance was higher than world prices. Meanwhile, based on the studies conducted, urea sales records show that in most months, the export urea sales rate of Pardis Petrochemical Company is higher than other producers. For example, the monthly export sales rate during the previous fiscal year was on average 70% higher than the average sales rate of other producers of this product.

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“Web”: Asr-e-Novin Gostar Data Company announced that this company, together with the companies in its group, has acquired 51.1 percent of the shares of Atlas Khodro Iranian Company (public company) in the amount of 1.51 billion Tomans. The company provides services and partnerships in the field of information technology.

“City”: Bankshahr, which had previously planned to sell up to 90 competitors in excess of its needs from 07/24/1400 to 08/05/1400 on the terms of cash, cash and installments through the provision of facilities and cash and installments, announced that Of the 90 competitors, the entire property has not been sold due to lack of bids, but the sale of the property is on the sales agenda.

«زقیام»: Isfahan Ghayam Agriculture and Livestock announced that no results were obtained from the sale of dairy industrial cattle auctions (approximately 1150 head, 580 productive head and 460 Dusha head) with a daily production of about 18 tons of raw milk in an area of ​​10 hectares. The company announced that the Ivan Livestock Unit was not sold due to the lack of bidders in the auction. It should be mentioned that this company is engaged in all matters related to agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, poultry, bees, fish and any other animal in order to use wool, fluff, meat, milk and other protein products and other raw materials of agro-industrial industries. It is related to agriculture and animal husbandry.

“Kogher”: Sangahan Gohar Zamin Company announced the operation of its new plans and projects. Based on this, the company announced that the iron ore concentrate production line 3 factory with an annual production capacity of 2 million tons with an investment of 60 million Euros and 100 billion Tomans has been constructed and put into operation in 36 months. With the opening of this line, the company’s concentrate production capacity will increase from 4 million to 6 million tons, and the revenue effects of this line will be about 15% increase in the company’s revenue.

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“Good”: Helmand International Trade Development Investment Company announced the change of its major shareholder. Accordingly, 377,915,081 shares (equivalent to 63%) in the amount of 37.8 billion Tomans were transferred by the multi-purpose cooperative company of academics of science and technology and one real person to three real persons.

“Kayson”: Kayson also announced an important contract. Based on this, Dena Petrochemical Company handed over the execution of a part of the construction and installation of the Dena Methanol project to Kayson Company in the amount of 62.7 billion Tomans. Kayson Company announced the contract cost of 56.4 billion Tomans and predicted a 10% profit for the company.

“Vaira”: Iran Industrial Investment Company announced that on 10/14/2009, the company had submitted a request to the Tehran Stock Exchange and Securities Organization to establish the Surin Portfolio Company (Private Joint Stock Company) with a capital of 4 billion Tomans and 8% ownership. With the permission of the stock exchange organization, this company was registered in the Companies Registration Office on 03/03/1400. The operating license of Sorin Basket Company was issued on 07/17/1400 by Tehran Stock Exchange and Securities Organization and the activity of this company started. It is necessary to explain that according to the start of the above company, the profit and loss of this company in the fiscal year ending 06/31/1400 of Iran Industrial Investment Company is not effective.

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