In my team, the best always play / I was predicting these days

Mizan News Agency – Javad Nekoonam, The head coach of the football team Khoozestan steel In a press conference before the meeting Peykan Tehran He had a statement, the excerpt of which you can read below:

* We know we are playing against an opponent who is a hard-working team and they have achieved good results so far this season. Like all games, this match is hard and heavy for us. We must enter the field with a high focus on teamwork. Unfortunately, we do not have some players tomorrow, but the other players are ready so that we can reach the ideal conditions.

*Unfortunately Mehran Derakhshan Mehr He has to have surgery. وحید حیدریه We have just found a way out of the injury ward and we could not use him in previous games. In the last few weeks we have had some problems on the left side of the field. Tomorrow, the children who play will surely play with maximum power and maximum concentration. We hope we can play an acceptable game to succeed.

* The team has not been strengthened since last year due to the transfer window being closed. When you have a player who can play even a few minutes, you can count on him. I do not care at all who played fixed and who saved, but nevertheless 6 of our players, including the 4 main players, have left. All league teams have recruited new players. Every team that has not been able to strengthen itself has had many problems.

* In my opinion, the fans and those who love steel were oppressed for closing the window. Because the closing of the window was unreasonable, our window opened late and we could not have a good match at the beginning of the season and be able to participate in the games with all our might. But anyway, something happened and I came to steel knowing this. My team is a respectable team and we showed that. In none of the games, whether we won or lost, did we face a losing and frustrated team. We worked hard and we were able to create good conditions in the team, and in this work, we need the support and strengthening of the team.

* In places where matches are held every 4 or 5 days and we have the FA Cup and the Asian Champions League at the end of the season, the team must be strengthened. We need a force that can help us in some places and we can use some players less so that they can rest and be more fit in the next matches. Anyway, there are things that have happened and enough has been talked about. The fans should know what the conditions of the team are like and my only conversation is with the fans, because the Khuzestan Steel team was really oppressed and I do not know how the friends want to be responsible for closing the team window for 2 years.

* In the previous two seasons when I was in the service of the Steel Club, the Spanish bodybuilding coach was with us. Considering the form of work that I have and the bodybuilding that I do, which of course is not a special job and is a simple and routine work that is done with high-intensity and high-intensity training. When I joined the team, we definitely had to increase this intensity of training. I have already said that we will have more problems along the way because of the intensity of the training, because we have to reach the level of readiness we want.

* We do not have a problem with wanting to be in the tenth table and we still have a good team. But if Steel is to fight the top teams with a dozen players on the pitch and on the bench, we need to work harder to make up for our weaknesses. We need better work because of the closed window. For this reason, on the first day, I predicted that this would happen, and you can see for yourself that this is happening little by little.

* In some places I do not need to raise these issues and in some places I have to raise these issues, because I am the trustee of the people and the Steel Club and it is my duty to talk to them so that they know some issues. When a player does not play and it surprises everyone, he definitely has special conditions that should not be told to the media, otherwise my team will always play the best and they should provide good conditions for the team and themselves.

End of message /


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