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According to Tejarat News, Sardar Hossein Rahimi, in a meeting with the head of the Securities and Exchange Organization, while signing a memorandum of understanding with this organization for joint cooperation, stated: One of the basic missions of the country’s economic security police is to establish order, discipline and security in the economic and process spheres. It is business.

He stated that today the stock market is one of the most important and fundamental markets of the country that people have trusted, and continued: In the recent period, the stock exchange organization has made good progress and these trusts have increased day by day. However, naturally, sometimes there are people who want to abuse or violate.

The police is with Bahadur Stock Exchange Organization

Referring to the signing of the said memorandum, the head of Faraja Economic Security Police emphasized that the police, as law enforcers and the judicial system, are with Bahadur Stock Exchange Organization throughout the country. The police is ready to deal with the few people who want to violate public property.

Rahimi clarified: We had many cases in this field, we even have a recent case that amounts to one thousand billion tomans. In this case, individual shares have been moved. There are many such cases that we deal with these issues. Today and with this memorandum, the field of cooperation between the police and the stock exchange organization has become much more abundant, and where necessary, the police is by the side of the loved ones.

In the other part of his speech, he stated that all the institutions and organizations in charge and involved in this matter should try so that the stock exchange organization can achieve its real position, and explained: Our effort is to improve the interaction and communication between the police and the country’s stock exchange organization. to improve and be with the stock exchange organization in a purposeful and formal way. One of the most fundamental goals of the Economic Security Police is to establish order and security in all aspects of society. In this regard, the Economic Security Police is trying to stabilize and promote this order and security in the financial and credit systems of the country.

The head of the Faraja Economic Security Police concluded the aforementioned memorandum in order to promote the prevention and fight against crimes and violations of the capital market, the realization of justice and security as much as possible, the detection of crimes and the use of the existing capacities of the parties and the provision of economic security. In the area of ​​the stock market, he mentioned and stated: Today, by forming the economic security complex, the police is trying to enter economic issues in a specialized and targeted manner. Today, the Economic Security Police plans and implements various plans to deal with corruption and economic crimes in order to ensure the country’s economic security and peace.

Emphasizing that we must provide conditions so that people can invest with complete confidence and calmness, Rahimi pointed out: In the field of the stock market, actions must be taken in such a way that people can invest in the stock market with trust and confidence and with peace of mind. To achieve this, the desired performance of the officials is very effective and important. We must try to direct people’s investments to production, because production is considered the most important component of economic growth and job creation.

He added: The stock market is considered one of the most important economic centers of the country, and many people invest in this complex with the trust that has been created, and this process should be strengthened and supported day by day. The Economic Security Police, as a judicial officer, accompanies and cooperates with the country’s stock exchange organization and will deal with those who want to create a gap in the activity of this market.

At the end of his speech, the head of the Economic Security Police of Faraja emphasized: The Economic Security Police has come to the field in the fight against corruption and economic crimes and will defend the economic security of the people with all its strength.

Source: ISNA

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