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Increasing heat in most parts of the country

In an interview with Fars news agency’s economic reporter, Sadegh Ziaian said about the latest weather situation in the country: From tomorrow to Sunday, July 18, a relative increase in temperature is expected in the northern part of the country, especially the Caspian coast, and from Tuesday to Thursday next week in the eastern part and the center of the country. We have relative temperature.

He added: today and tomorrow in the Alborz heights in Mazandaran province, an increase in clouds and scattered showers are expected in the afternoon. During this period, in the southern slopes of Alborz in the provinces of Semnan, Tehran and Alborz in the eastern part of the country and in the center of the country, wind blowing and dust will be the dominant phenomenon, while sand and dust storms are more prevalent in Zabul.

The General Director of Forecasting and Warning of the Meteorological Organization added: From Saturday July 17 to Monday July 19, we will have clear skies with a relative increase in temperature in most parts of the country. In addition to the fact that we will have wind and dust in the east of the country and in the south of Semnan and Tehran, in the northwest and west of the country, the wind and dust penetration into the border provinces will reduce the air quality.

Ziaian said about the atmospheric condition of the capital: the sky in Tehran is expected to be clear to slightly cloudy, with local dust and sometimes wind; The maximum and minimum temperature tomorrow in the capital will be 36 and 25 degrees.

He added: Ahvaz will be the hottest center of the province with a maximum temperature of 49 degrees above zero and Shahrekord will be the coolest center of the province with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees above zero.

Therefore, the report, referring to very strong winds and sandstorms in the eastern part of the country, said: in the next five days, in the eastern part of the country, especially in Zabul, we will have very strong winds accompanied by rising dust, sometimes sandstorms, which It causes a decrease in air quality and horizontal visibility, on Thursday 04/15/1402, strong wind, rising dust, and in areas prone to sandstorms in the north of Sistan and Baluchistan, east of South Khorasan, Markazi, Qom, Isfahan and on Friday 04/1402 16/ In the north of Sistan and Baluchistan and east of South Khorasan, rising dust, reduced visibility and reduced air quality, damage to urban and suburban equipment, including falling banners, advertising boards, scaffolding and temporary structures, falling objects from heights and breaking saplings and old trees, it is predicted.

According to him, it is recommended to avoid being in the open air, no road traffic, ensuring the strength of temporary structures, avoiding construction activities, avoiding traffic, not parking cars near half-finished buildings and old trees, and avoiding garden activities and Agriculture is on the agenda.

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