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According to Tejarat News, Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi, on the sidelines of the meeting of the government board, referring to the measures taken by the Ministry of Economy to curb inflation, said: Considering the emphasis of the Supreme Leader in 1402 on curbing inflation and increasing production, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has a specific program on the agenda. has put himself The most basic action is the acceleration and widespread issuance of business licenses, which started last year, and until today, 284 thousand entrepreneurs and economic operators were able to receive their licenses. We have taken new measures, including using the capacities of the country’s capital markets to finance production in the country. Last year, we managed to increase the capital of non-governmental and listed companies by 100 thousand billion tomans in addition to the capital increase of 1400, and instead of increasing the capital by 194 thousand tomans, we have increased the capital by 294 thousand billion tomans.

He further added: In 1401, the non-governmental sector was able to finance more than 90 thousand billion Tomans in the capital market through the issuance of bonds. The reason for the greater space in the non-governmental sector is that the government borrowed less last year and used less capital market capacity. This year, people can also use their petty cash for productive economic investment. On the other hand, the head of the stock exchange organization and the group of capital managers of the country are present in the provinces and help to finance projects that can be financed other than bank sources.

Khandozi noted: Last year, the share of micro-bank facilities to people and families increased by 3 percent, and this trend will continue this year. 91% of loan payments increased last year. On the other hand, the role of people in the management of equity companies should be emphasized, which was done by the government in the past. The foundation of the Ministry of Economy is to increase the role of people in the management of equity companies, which are 36 important companies.

Source: ISNA

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