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Individual health insurance is a strategic product of cooperative insurance + video

According to monetary financial newsYounes Mazloumi, CEO of Cooperative Insurance, on the sidelines of the 21st International Exhibition of Construction Industry, said in an interview with a reporter of monetary and financial news held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center: “Individual health insurance is one of our strategic products and The issuance of this insurance policy is issued online.
Mazloumi, emphasizing that we were the first company to offer this type of coverage, explained: At first, strict measures were applied for the sale of individual health insurance, however, it was well received in the order in which Second, 100% of the people who had purchased this insurance policy in the first year, bought and renewed their insurance policy again and even introduced this insurance coverage to their friends and acquaintances.
The CEO of Cooperative Insurance, announcing that the company has paid more attention to the quality of services provided by launching individual treatment insurance policies than the quantity of insurance sales, added: Have the necessary quality and provide good services to our insurers. On the other hand, we established a good relationship with the centers of the parties and fulfilled our obligations and settled the bills on time. Thus, a good relationship has been established between the company and the medical centers of the contracting party./Elham Sedghi

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