instantaneous; The car lottery was canceled due to security and technical issues until further notice

According to the online economy quoted by Tasnim, following the many ambiguities that the car lottery system had created by the car manufacturers during the last two or three years and a large number of people believed that these lotteries did not have the necessary transparency, the Ministry of Silence recently started And launched an integrated car sales system to reduce violations and game dealers to zero and the real consumer can buy his car.

Accordingly, on Tuesday, May 17, 1401, the first period of car sales in the integrated car sales system began in a period of one week, and with the implementation of the lottery on 9 June, the results were announced on 11 June. But at this stage, a serious problem arose for some buyers, so that these people were among the “first winners” of the plan after announcing the initial results in the system, but at the time of depositing the money, they were told “you are one of the selected lottery reservations” and the possibility You do not have a deposit. People who faced this problem announced that after the announcement of the results on 11 June, their names were announced as the first (main) selection of the first car sales in the form of an integrated car allocation system, but when they wanted to deposit a car or If they act on the account, they will not be able to deposit; And they are faced with the message “You are one of the selected lottery bookers of this period of the integrated car allocation system”.

Sedif Beykzadeh, head of the Organization for the Protection of Consumers and Producers, said about the ambiguities in announcing the results of car allocation through the integrated system: to prevent re-lotteries in an allocation process, about 12,000 people were selected as reserve candidates; However, this issue was not clearly identified in the mentioned system and created ambiguities.

While the official in charge of the Ministry of Silence blamed the automakers for this issue, the question is, was not the mechanism of announcing the original names and reservations in the automakers defined? In the previous plans, how were the names announced separately, but this time this disorder has occurred? Isn’t it that every time the bugs have to be fixed and the car sold more legally, why did such an error occur this time when everyone was emphasizing on the integrated monitoring of the car in the sales system?

Now, more than a month after the first car lottery in the integrated system of the Ministry of Silence, Seyed Mehdi Niazi, Deputy Minister of Silence, in a letter to Manouchehr Manteghi, Deputy Minister of Transportation, has announced that this system has the necessary technical and security competence and preparation. He does not have the car to run the lottery and he still does not have it.

The letter states:

“As it was clearly announced in the expert meetings before the first period of car lottery due to the new integrated car allocation system based on the relevant minutes, the Office of Data Technology, Information and Cyberspace Security, according to the current conditions of contractor selection, no contract With the Ministry, not owning the system and also not entering into the analysis of the allocation process, it is not possible to accept responsibility for approving and monitoring the proper implementation of this system, and only in these circumstances, it is possible to provide technical advice in meetings held in this regard. .

It should be noted that in case of formal transfer of responsibilities related to the technical issues of the system, such as selecting a contractor, implementation, and implementation and comprehensive testing of the system, required during the technical and expert stages of the subject and analysis of related processes and infrastructure The task must also be determined.

On the other hand, due to the sensitivity and importance of this system, appropriate communication, hardware, and software and security infrastructures must be provided, the provision of which requires its appropriate credit, which must be within the framework of the related rows of capital asset acquisition plans. O this year is predicted and allocated.

Therefore, it is suggested that for the next lottery through the mentioned system, currently the cases and points of view of the Presidential EFTA Center be specifically requested from that authority, and after receiving and preparing the system according to those cases, the final version will be available for testing and technical evaluation. Qualified laboratories should be monitored by the EFTA Center and the lottery should be postponed until after that time. “The Office of Information Technology and Cyberspace is ready to cooperate on these issues.”


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