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Insurance Research Institute should be the pole of human capital empowerment in the insurance industry

According to the financial news report, quoted by the General Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Central Insurance, Ali Ostad Hashemi, the head of the Central Insurance, this morning met with the president and senior managers of the Insurance Research Institute to strengthen the scientific and research capacity of the Insurance Research Institute in order to provide international training. In order to train specialized human resources, he stressed the analysis of insurance industry data, the amendment of the insurance law and regulations, and the operationalization of takaful insurance in the country.

In this meeting, Professor Hashemi, while appreciating the efforts of the Insurance Institute for the formation of Takaful insurance, said: It is expected that the Insurance Research Institute will provide the basis for the operationalization of this insurance policy in the country soon by taking advantage of the experiences of visiting foreign Takaful insurance companies.

He considered one of the concerns of the insurance industry to be the improvement of expert and experienced human resources and said: The Insurance Research Institute should use its international capacities in the training and promotion of human resources to present a codified and executive program in addition to succession planning and utilization. From the experiences of veterans in this field, we can increase the scientific and professional level of younger forces.

The General Director of Central Insurance announced the amendment of the regulations as one of his main programs and said: “Insurance Institute, as the research arm of Central Insurance, should help the supervisory body with more power in this matter, and the study-comparative appendix of the issues raised in the Council” Provide excellent insurance.

Professor Hashemi also asked the Insurance Research Institute to analyze the data of the insurance industry in simple language and infographics, along with the vice president of planning and development, to take the necessary measures so that people can get to know the services and performance of the insurance industry better and more.

He also pointed out the direction of research towards applied studies and expressed his hope that the results of such studies will be taken into consideration during decision-making and the implementation of planned operations.

The head of the Supreme Insurance Council considered the Institute of Insurance as the scientific and research center of the insurance industry and added: It is expected that the Institute of Insurance, along with defining the educational calendar for the activists and those interested in the insurance industry, will grant a valid and official certificate as the only scientific and research authority of the industry. Put insurance on your agenda.

In this meeting; Mohammad Mehdi Asgari, head of the Insurance Research Institute, also presented a report on the measures taken in the Insurance Research Institute in the field of international interactions in order to establish an international takaful insurance company, conclude a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Insurance Association, create insurance assessment courses, establish a risk working group in The Insurance Research Institute prepared new international training courses and insurance and development conference programs this year.

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