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Introduction of 4,673 artists, writers and journalists to the Social Security Organization

According to Pourahmadi Monetary News, the CEO of the Art Credit Fund announced the introduction of more than 4,600 people from culture, art and media to the Social Security Organization in 1400 and added: “According to the studies conducted; Providing social security insurance services has been one of the most effective government services to the culture, art and media community of the country. A service that is directly related to the mental health of the community.
Adviser to the Minister of Culture further stated: More than 60% of the annual insurance premiums of members (equivalent to 120 billion tomans in 1400) are paid by the fund on behalf of the government.
Poorahmadi added: the insured can use all the facilities of the medical centers of the Social Security Organization throughout the country as well as the facilities of the diagnostic, medical and pharmaceutical centers of the contract of this organization by paying the per capita treatment fee to the number of dependents.
Referring to the increase in the monthly premium rate of social security and per capita treatment in the current year, he said: “This increase is announced annually by the Social Security Organization and the fund has no involvement in calculating and increasing the premium rate.” Due to the increase in the base salary and, consequently, the premiums of the owners and the freelancers this year, the amount of the premiums paid by the members and the premiums paid by the fund has also increased. So that the contribution of the fund for each insured has increased from 270 thousand tomans to 425 thousand tomans and a significant amount of the fund received from the budget is allocated to members’ social security subsidies.
Poorahmadi further added: The members of the credit fund enjoy the special assistance of the fund equal to 10% of the rates of 18, 14 and 12% for the owners of freelance jobs and professions every year, for their monthly insurance premiums and the insured according to the selected plan 2 or 4 Or pays 8%. Accordingly, in 1401, the monthly amount of social security premiums (individual share) at the rate of 12%, 86,381 Tomans, 14% 172,763 Tomans and 18% 345,526 Tomans by the Social Security Organization without considering the per capita Treatment is prescribed.
The CEO of the Art Credit Fund, referring to the follow-up and filing of a personal complaint of one of the member artists in Hamedan province on how to calculate the premiums of freelancers by the Social Security Organization, which led to the General Board of the Court of Administrative Justice The calculation of insurance premiums paid by freelancers and freelancers as well as members of the Art Credit Fund was made in 1400, he said. Found.
The chairman of the board of the Art Credit Fund mentioned the reduction of the time for introducing qualified members to the Social Security Organization from 3 months to one month as one of the fund’s programs this year and added: “Considering the importance of insurance for covered members, we are trying Coordinate with the Social Security Administration to reduce this process from 90 working days to 30 working days by reviewing and reviewing the appointment schedule from the time of application.
Poorahmadi stated that the condition for enjoying the benefits of artists’ social security insurance is membership in the Art Insurance Credit Fund and said: according to the criteria of the Social Security Organization, the age of the applicant must be at least 18 and at most 50 years. If the age of the applicant is more than 50 years, it is necessary to have 1 year of insurance history for each year of excess maximum age. Applicants who have at least ten years of insurance history are also exempt from the age requirement.

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