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Introduction of the works entered into the third edition of the “Mother” film festival.

According to Fars news agency, the selection board of the film section of this year’s “Mader” film and photo festival, consisting of Tayyaba Falkian, Shirin Bina, Mansoura Mostafazadeh and Rahber Ghanbari, after evaluating 272 films submitted to the secretariat, selected 53 works as having the necessary conditions for Participation in the judging section of this festival was recognized and introduced as follows:

Princess / Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, the painting on the wall / Mohammad Sadegh Ramezani Moghadam, Tar and Weft / Mohammad Sadegh Ramezani Moghadam, all my memories / Mehdi Rajabian, empty space / Nasim Asadpour, bitter tea / Mojtaba Irfanian, left hand / Nasrin Mohammadpour, story Mother / Mohammad Hossein Amani, Dalke / Nasim Aini, The Lost Night / Abbas Ali Sharifi, Flower in Overtime / Shayan Sajjadi, Before Darkness / Mesib Hanai, The Sheep Will Swallow Us / Mustafa Rostampour, The Smile of the Dolls / Javad Saleh, Mother / Nematullah Sargolzaei, More Motherly / Zahra Miri, Grandmother / Hossein Darabi, A Mother for Peace / Hossein Golzar, My Mother / Mohammad Hossein Amani Hamdani, Meme / Mohammad Reza Khardmandan, Unread / Sina Rezaei, Letter to Ferishte / Mohammad Javadinia, Nasim Mother / Sadegh Ghasemi.

One to infinite power / Alireza Sadeghi, One Mother’s Day / Hossein Nazari, Zar Afshan / Mehdi Rajabian, Sarwar / Farzad Islampour, Carriage / Nima Arabian, Finale / Ruhollah Fakhro, When Butterflies… / Hananeh Vahidi, Nagaristan / Seyed Hossein Nawab, Gah Laila Gah Majnoon / Seyed Iman Qavami, Game Over / Hadi Naderi, In the Name of Mother / Yahya Pak Tint
Appointment / Hamida Naderi, Bedtime / Mina Sadat Hosseini, order sheet / Majid Reza Dehghani, Tehar / Yaser Dashti, One hand has a voice / Saeed Karimi, Da / Saeed Karimi, Lullaby / Mohammad Moradi Javed, My mother Laila / Daud Sheikh.

20 years old / Ruqiyeh Tavakoli, A share of a grave / Ashkan Chavoshi, Baberdo / Siavesh Saedi Panah, Nahartrin / Reza Keshavarz, Jacket / Mohammad Nazmi Adib, Life with a dream / Amirali Mirdrikund, Aba / Mehdi Mousavi Barzaki, Bibijan / Hamid Mirhosseini , Nafs / Babak Majidi, Free visit / Daoud Jalili and Nene Homa / Daoud Jalili.

In the next stage, these works will be examined by the jury of the festival consisting of Puran Derakhsandeh, Abolfazl Hamorim and Tayyaba Falakian, and the final winners will be announced at the end of the festival.

The third edition of Mother Festival under the direction of Mansoura Mostafazadeh will be held by Nila Farhang Institute and with the participation and support of Rubika application, Tehran Metro Cultural and Social Affairs Vice-Chancellor and City Image Institute in October of this year.

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