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Investigating the impact of western festivals on Middle Eastern cinema in the “Leather Jacket” meeting

According to the art reporter of Fars news agency, the review session of the film “Leather Coat” on the evening of Sunday, July 18, with the presence of film critic Korosh Jahed, expert and researcher of women’s field Zahra Ardakanifar, director Hossein Mirzamohammadi, actor Sara Hatami and writer Masoud Hashminejad in Farhangsarai. Arsabaran was held.

Looking at the sociological criticism of the movie “Leather Coat”, Zahra Ardakani Fard said: “The movie “Leather Coat” while raising a problem, deals with abused girls and damaged women and deals with corrupt charities in relation to these issues. At the same time, the film is not black, the film is bitter, but it is not black because it leaves openings and does not close all the doors towards the character or social issue. The fact that it opens some holes is positive because whenever we have had a social film in recent years, the character is in a dead end and we come to the question of how he wants to get out of this situation.

Ardakani Fard continued: The film’s approach is not black and this is a positive feature, but at the same time, the film has an atmosphere as if the family does not have a supporter, and on the other hand, the institutions are suffering from some kind of inefficiency, and Isa himself must enter into the problem. On the other hand, we have a private institution that is corrupt, this is how the film opens the dilemma. But I have a problem with the solution of the movie, where a male hero enters in the form of a rescue angel and has a personal concern and decides to solve the problem, a hero on a horse or a magic lamp giant comes to help.

He added: We have many abused girls and this is a social issue that should be solved socially, giving a personal solution may not be very appropriate. Even if the movie wants to give an individual solution, it should be in such a way that the characters help themselves, for example, with the help of helpers.

Koresh Jahid further pointed to the reference of the movie “Leon” and said: “We are in a period where many issues have already been stated and this is a good reference that the filmmaker has and says that he is paying attention to that movie.”

In another part, he said: If this movie was made forty years ago, it would have ended with great bitterness. But now the human characters in the movies are so strong that despite all the problems and tribulations they can finally overcome them.

Mirza Mohammadi also said about the hopeful atmosphere in the movies: Western festivals now consider a part and that is hope. My doctoral thesis in the university where I was studying outside of Iran was about the impact of Western festivals on Middle Eastern cinema, and although I have been to many festivals, I say that its impact on Iranian cinema in the past decade has not been favorable. If we do not consider Kiarostami and Farhadi, this effect has not been very good. I do not deny that foreign festivals have an important place, but the criteria they have for Iranian cinema has become a formula. The literature of “Blackness” should be removed from the language of officials and “Misery” from the language of cinemagoers, because social cinema, like our life, is a bright shadow.

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