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Investing in Ethereum domains; Step by step guide

Have you registered your Ethereum domain? If not, maybe now is the time.

In this article, I have discarded the extra explanations and gone straight to the point. How to register .eth domain and why this can be an opportunity for investment? This article is an answer to these two questions.

What is the blockchain domain?

Ethereum addresses are as follows:


Attention: This is the wallet address of Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, and it is given here only as an example. Do not send money to it!

That is, if someone wants to receive Ethereum from you, he must first copy the address of his wallet (of course, he cannot keep this address), then send it to you, this time you copy it, paste it in the send section, and finally Ethereum Send to a person.

In the meantime, if you’re not careful, or you get infected with malware, or for whatever reason, the wallet address changes in the slightest while you’re sending it, you’ll probably have to say goodbye to those ethers forever.

But what if we wrote this instead of this long address in the address box? :


This is the blockchain domain. To put it simply: the wallet address is connected to it, you enter this domain instead of the address and you don’t need to keep a long address anymore: clear, transparent, specific and convenient.

Many years ago, when the internet was still in the world, to enter a site like Google, you had to type ““; But now you easily open

Of course, don’t forget here, in order not to distract the article from its main purpose, I removed many technical concepts; But the simple thing is what I wrote.

Why Ethereum Domains?

Now a wide range of blockchain domains have been released by different companies and teams; From dot BTC (.btc) to dot crypto (.Crypto) and dot Sol (.sol) and hundreds of other extensions.

But personally, I am only focused on Ethereum domains or Ethereum Name Service domains (ENS for short) and have invested in them; That is, .eth domains


  • Ethereum is the first and most active blockchain in Web3.
  • In terms of acceptance, the difference between other domains and Ethereum domains is sky-high. (In other words, other networks are like a dry desert in terms of user base compared to Ethereum.)
  • Ethereum names are not just addresses and are becoming a unique digital identifier; You may even implement your website on them in the future.
  • They are supported in all wallets.
  • In layer two (such as Arbitrum, Optimism, etc.) and all pseudo-Etheriums are also active.
  • It is unlikely that long URLs will have a place in the future of Web 3.

Personally, I believe that anyone who has any hope for the future of Ethereum should register at least one Ethereum domain.

As I am writing this article, Ethereum network fees are great and this has created a rare opportunity to register a .eth domain for the lowest possible cost.

How to register your Ethereum domain?


  • A personal computer or smart phone (if you are with a laptop or personal computer, you are much more comfortable)
  • An interactive wallet with Dapps. The best option: Metamask (Browser pluginAndroidiOS)
  • Ether in the amount necessary to pay the registration fee and the fee (the fee varies according to the number of characters. Example: a 6 character domain (6 letters) costs less than $10 Ethereum at the time of writing this article.)

Step-by-step guide for Ethereum domain registration

Note: Before registering, read the article to the end; Because you may be able to register a better domain.

1. Deposit Ethereum in your wallet. (on the main network)

2. Enter the site and connect your wallet (e.g. Metamask) to the site by clicking on “Connect”.

3. Search the desired name in the specified box. Example: Dgcash.

4. If the name you want is available, it is marked with green color and the word “Available”.

5. Choose an available name.

6. In the next section, choose the domain registration duration. For example, if you choose one year, after one year you have to renew the domain again. In times when fees are low, it is better to have a longer term so that you are not challenged later when fees are higher.

Investing in Ethereum domains; Step by step guide

7. Next, you make a transaction with your wallet by hitting “Begin” and a 60-second timer starts. The purpose of the timer is to prevent two names from being registered at the same time. After the specified time, the domain will be registered to your wallet address by making the second transaction.

8. congratulations. Now you have your own domain name on Ethereum. Your address will be connected to this domain name and you can customize your address through this site.

Investing in Ethereum domains

Rare and creative Ethereum domains can be an investment opportunity; Because each of them is an NFT and on sites like Opensea And Blur They can be sold; As long as they are really attractive and creative.

As a prime example, in late 2021 the Paradigm.eth domain was sold for 420 Ether (nearly $1.5 million at the time), an unprecedented record.

As I am writing this article, a heavy bearish trend has been overshadowing the digital currency market for a long time; But maybe in a few years and in the rising market, the price of rare domains will skyrocket.

Important: disclaimer: This article is not an investment proposal. Do your own research. This type of investment, like any other healthy investment, has its own risks and there will be no guarantee of investment return.

What domains can be good for investment?

Any name that is creative and attractive. For example:

  • Small names in different languages ​​(Hindi, Russian, Turkish, etc.)
  • Combination of crypto words
  • Proper names
  • Names of crypto or technology companies

Find free domains quickly

What if there was a program that we gave a long list and it went through the entire list very quickly and displayed the names that were available?

Fortunately, this program exists.

On site You can give a list and it will identify free domains for you.

Investing in Ethereum domains; Step by step guide
Iranian names test on site

Unfortunately, this site only allows you to check 1000 names each time.

But if you are a little technical about computers (if you are not, you will find the way with a little searching) you can use this program Download it from GitHub, run it yourself on your own computer and check out unlimited lists.

Where to get the lists?

through multiple methods. I have used these few ways myself and have received a good answer:

  • Search on Google: For example, by searching “Persian names txt” I reached a large list of Iranian names. Many of them have not yet been registered.
  • Using chatgpt: This unique artificial intelligence tool can create unique lists for you. Just ask for it.
  • Extracting from websites: with scraper software like simplescraper You can extract your desired content and lists from websites.

It was a lot of talk. I said briefly. Be a seeker.

My wish for you: a very impressive profit!

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