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According to Tejarat News, at the beginning of the meeting of the managers of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development with capital market activists, focusing on “mutual opportunities in the housing and urban development sector”, Iman Islamian, advisor to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the secretary of the investment and financing committee for the projects of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in Regarding the creation of the new city, he said: We are on the verge of implementing the largest construction project in history, which has an important role in terms of population coverage and economic effects.

He added: The realization of this important construction project requires the cooperation and synergy of all departments so that we can implement the project efficiently. Therefore, we have used all available capacities and requested all departments to cooperate with us in this field.

The Secretary of the Investment and Financing Committee of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development emphasized: Since the country’s economy is bank-oriented, unfortunately we have neglected the capital market’s capacities. Meanwhile, the capital market can help to complete the great national housing movement with innovation and creativity in providing and using the financial tools that exist in the capital market.

In addition, Alireza Jafari, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and CEO of New Cities Development Company, also said in this meeting: The construction of new cities has been defined in the space of our laws since the 70s, the purpose of which is to guide the population of the mother cities to live in suitable places based on quality. It has been life and we are looking for the realization of this goal today.

Jafari stated: Based on this, our motto in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is to build Iranian-Islamic cities with appropriate quality, for the Islamic life of citizens and to ensure the satisfaction of citizens who cannot settle in metropolitan cities due to population density.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development continued his speech by stating that during the 30 years of experience in the formation of new cities, we have had many ups and downs in this direction and continued: In the 13th government, cities are supposed to be formed on the outskirts and adjacent to big cities.

Construction of 4 new ones in the country

He informed about the legal process of building 4 new cities and further stated: Today we have 21 new cities in the country. Meanwhile, the legal procedures for the construction of 4 new cities have been completed and this number has been added to the new cities. Many places are being studied and investigated for the construction of new cities. Therefore, for the progress and development of existing cities, measures must be taken, and cities on the verge of formation that are in the birth stage; They are considered the so-called second generation.

Jafari added: In the new cities named “Mehrgan” or “Tabnak”, studies and feasibility studies and attention to the detailed plan have been formed in them and we have emphasized that the necessary infrastructure should be prepared in these cities so that the applicants can live there. It must happen.

Our goal is urban development

The CEO of the new cities construction company stated: There are two aspects in evaluating the formation of new cities. A view that prevailed in the past and mostly focused on housing construction, but our belief in this period is that we are not only looking for housing construction, but we are also looking for urban development. This means that along with the construction of housing, other facilities such as recreational, service, tourism, commercial and all aspects of the city’s development should be formed sequentially.

He emphasized: Supportive housing is considered as the operational approach of the government, and we should definitely go towards the participation of the private sector and the capacity to provide capital in terms of per capita and service functions and improving the quality of life.

Jafari reminded: If we wait for government resources to form new cities, it will take 30 years to realize this. Therefore, we must provide opportunities for the capital market to participate in this field.

He announced that today more than 75 projects have been defined in the form of 166 investment opportunities in 21 new cities and we have identified the capacities in this area. which we have provided. Also, 25 efforts by the private sector enter into the implementation of projects.

Also, Ruholah Akbari, Special Assistant to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development said in the continuation of this meeting: If we do not identify the needs according to environmental changes, we will not be successful either in private business or in social and public business. Since the business of the government is public, it will not be able to respond to the needs, and the goods and services it provides in all areas such as housing, roads and transportation will not meet the needs and will remain unanswered.

He added: In the current situation, based on the changes that have occurred, we have entered the post-industrial age. The most important feature of this age is the speed of changes in the diversity of the applicant’s taste. On the other hand, the business must discover the needs of the applicants in order to respond to them. About 15 years ago, when Mehr Housing was built, the world was transitioning from the post-industrial era and we were still in the period of the second industrial revolution, which shows itself in the markets of services, goods, labor, money, banking and finance.

Akbari stated that in Mehr housing, we produced the same houses and did not pay attention to the diversity of incomes of different deciles and their tastes, and said that diversity was not considered in urban planning, architecture, structural design and construction of Mehr housing, and the only diversity that was considered was in It was the size.

According to the special assistant of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, since all the uses are concentrated in one place, some people want a combination of the village and the city, and a group from the center took refuge in the outskirts of the city. During the current Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, we tried to create a connection between the private sector and the government, but there are obstacles that can be pointed to the cumbersome laws. Thus, these rules regulate relationships.

Akbari added: In order for the private and public sectors to cooperate, a platform must be provided, and holding this meeting can be a way forward. Currently, this communication is difficult to establish, because there are obstacles, one part of which is the will, which has existed in different governments, and the other part is related to the structure and mechanism.

He continued: In order to establish a relationship between the government and capital market actors, we need to design special institutions and tools based on needs.

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