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According to Tejarat News, it has recently been announced that a 20% increase in the price of radial tires has been issued and manufacturers can apply this price increase to their products. For the same reason, Tejarat News reported in a report titled “Car tire depot in “Barz” warehouses/Radial tire price increase, will bring our Packer to the market?” reviewed the 6-month performance of Barez Industrial Group. Meanwhile, in a report entitled “Technical Analysis of Packerman Stocks Mehr 1402/Identification of the Important Barrier Against Packerman’s Flight”, the technical status of this company’s stock was examined. Accordingly, another tire company has been investigated today.

An expectation to increase the price of products

“Iran Tire” is another Iranian stock tire company that has radial tires in its production portfolio. Checking the monthly reports of this company also shows that Iran Tire has increased its production in September, but the interesting thing is that this company, like Barez, has controlled its sales!

Based on this, the company’s production increased from 1,288 tons in August with a jump of 93.2% to 2,488 tons. But the jump in the company’s sales volume this month was not as much as the production volume, and this number has reached 1,820 tons with a growth of about 40%. In this way, it should be said that the company tried to control its sales in September and somehow had the intention of storing its products in order to sell them at a higher price in the coming months.

It should also be said that the amount of petair production has increased by 21% compared to September of last year. But this change in the amount of sales of the company is downward and this number has reached the current figure from two thousand and 319 tons with a decrease of 22%.

Monthly income of Iran Tire

A review of Iran Tire’s monthly activity report shows that the company’s monthly income has jumped by 50% in September due to the increase in sales. So that the monthly sales amount of the company has reached from 129 billion Tomans in August to 294 Tomans in September. Also, the company’s income in September last year was about 11% lower than the current number.

Iran Tire

Petyer’s record in the first half of 1402

A look at the performance of Iran Tire Company in the first 6 months of this year shows that the company’s production in the first half of this year has decreased by two percent compared to the same period last year and reached 12,974 tons. Also, the sales amount of the company decreased by 7.35% and reached 12 thousand 488 tons.

However, the sales rate of the company’s products increased during this period, and this caused Iran Tire’s income to reach 1,241 billion tomans from 908 billion tomans in the first 6 months of 2011 with an increase of 36.65 percent.

Finally, it must be said that the performance of Iran Tire in the last 6 months of this year was not acceptable and only the increase in the price of the products has been able to stop the decrease in the company’s revenue generation in this period of time.

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