Iranian Ambassador to Zagreb: Only the Biden government is responsible for any delay in the agreement

According to Fars News Agency’s Foreign Policy Group, Parviz Ismaili, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Zagreb on the eve of Quds Day, answered a detailed interview with the Croatian National Radio (HRT) on “Visa” program, which covers the most important political and international issues. Dad.

The reporter asked Ismaili what is the latest status of the negotiations on the nuclear deal and what are the main obstacles? Some see Donald Trump’s decision to blacklist the Revolutionary Guards as a “poison pill” on the way to a new deal, and Russia says it wants to ensure that Western sanctions do not impede its trade and military cooperation with Iran. Is this one of the main reasons for the suspension of negotiations? He replied: “Borjam was a great achievement in the history of diplomacy, which was achieved after about 12 years of heavy negotiations between Iran and world powers, with the support of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN Security Council resolution.”

He continued: “This agreement strengthened political stability and economic balance in the world and had significant benefits for all parties; But then-President Trump walked out in violation of Security Council Resolution 2231, international rules and commitments.

* We believe in diplomacy and we are not disappointed yet

Ismaili pointed out: “The boycott of the Revolutionary Guards as the official military force of Iran and putting it on the so-called black list was a strange act and a gross violation of international regulations.” Mr Biden’s government has said it wants to return to Burjam. We also resumed the talks in good faith in the form of the P5 + 1 in Vienna. Our relationship with the Americans was and continues to be through the European Union. We held intensive negotiations for about 11 months and came up with a new text to ensure the full implementation of Borjam and its non-withdrawal or violation by the members.

“We believe in diplomacy and we are not disappointed yet,” said the Iranian ambassador to Croatia. It can be said that we, Europe, China and Russia are standing on the point of agreement. Now it’s up to the US government to decide. You said “poison pill”, I say “animal”. Leaving Burjam was a trap that Trump laid for the next administration. It is the duty of the American president to get out of this trap and show that he is Biden, not Trump!

He continued: “The mistake that the US government has made, the US government itself must compensate.” Therefore, Mr. Biden’s government is solely responsible for any delay in the agreement. The United States must fully return to the 2015 agreement and lift all hostile actions and sanctions imposed by Trump, including the complete withdrawal of the IRGC from the blacklist. They must be honest and stop thinking about abusing Trump’s actions against us.

* Tying Burjam to any other crisis, such as the war in Ukraine by either side, walking in the wrong direction

He said: “Multilateral negotiations with the presence of world powers are usually more complicated, and it is natural that not only Russia, but all the negotiating countries in the UN Security Council first seek to secure their national interests.” also; International security and stability is a gradual process and must be taken step by step and patiently. Tying Burjam to any other crisis, such as the war in Ukraine, on either side is a step in the wrong direction.

* Turned the Eastern European region into a region of geopolitical rivalry with Russia

The reporter asked the Iranian ambassador that Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine had provoked international policy and changed some of the old political parameters that had prevailed since the end of the Cold War. Iran voted against the UN resolution condemning Russia’s aggression against Bucha. What is the reason for Iran’s position in this regard? Ismaili said: ‌ Despite its high military power, Iran has not attacked any country militarily in the last few hundred years. While he himself is the victim of an 8-year war that was imposed on us by Saddam Hussein’s regime with the support of the United States, the West and most of the Arab countries in the region.

He added: “We are better acquainted than any other nation with the suffering of war-torn people.” For this reason, opposing war and emphasizing the resolution of disputes through negotiation is one of the principles of Iran’s foreign policy. No dispute should be considered a license to start a war, rape or kill women and children.

The senior Iranian diplomat noted: “Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and in contact with Russian and Ukrainian officials and other parties, Iran, while emphasizing the need for full sovereignty and territorial integrity and ensuring the safety of civilians, called for an immediate ceasefire and peaceful settlement of disputes.” It has been through dialogue. The damage to the people of Ukraine and the destruction of the infrastructure of that country, and of any other nation, is very distressing. We hope that the conflict will stop as soon as possible and that dialogue for lasting peace will begin.

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He continued: “What caused the relative peace and stability of the international system after the two great world wars and lasted more than 50 years until the collapse of the Soviet Union; It was important to believe that in resolving the conflict of powerful actors, it is necessary to respect the interests of all countries. This important principle was later generalized in international relations, and respect for the interests of all UN member states in resolving conflicts between states was accepted as an important principle. But after the United States and the West saw themselves as unrivaled actors and hegemons of the international system with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, the world unfortunately again saw the imposition of unilateral policies. The West and NATO have steadily increased their sphere of influence in terms of mission and geography, and this has created numerous problems in some parts of the world and even in the Middle East.

The Iranian ambassador said: “They practically turned the Eastern European region, which is prone to crisis, into a region of geopolitical rivalry with Russia.” This was a very big mistake to the detriment of the nations of this region. Any provocative action by either side of the rivalry could lead to a crisis and the victimization of the people of the Eastern European region. Sustainable peace in the region is not possible without considering the security concerns of other peripheral countries, including Russia and Europe.

He added: “What was published in the media about the Bucha tragedy and caused widespread attention and influence in international public opinion is a human tragedy that is not acceptable by any standard.” Iran immediately expressed deep concern over the escalation of violations of humanitarian principles in Bucha. At the same time, however, we believe that in such cases, the United Nations should be at the forefront of identifying and effectively condemning the perpetrators through immediate investigations to prevent some countries from misusing UN mechanisms for political purposes and selectively dealing with human rights issues. .

Ismaili continued: “In our opinion, and probably 23 other countries that voted against the US government’s resolution to suspend Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council, this resolution lacked an element of neutrality and ignored the mechanism of independent international investigation and finding the culprit.” . It is unlikely that the other 58 countries that voted against the resolution would have accepted the same interpretation.

* The Tel Aviv regime is a major threat to regional peace and stability

In response to a reporter’s question, Ismaili recently met with the leaders of some Arab countries in the Negev Desert after the signing of the Ibrahimi agreement and the normalization of relations. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Israeli Foreign Minister Ehud Olmert said Iran was the biggest threat in the region. Lapid also called for the rejection of the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions against Iran. What is your analysis? “To look at the baseless claims of the United States and Israel about Iran being a threat to the region, it is enough to look at the history of the last 70 years in the region,” he said. Israel’s wars against Arab countries and repeated invasions and killings of their people; ‌ Occupation, massacre and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians; Invading Lebanon and occupying parts of the country for years; Assassination of nuclear scientists and numerous sabotages in Iran’s nuclear facilities controlled by the International Atomic Energy Agency; Complete disregard for hundreds of UN resolutions and even the European Union all well illustrate that the Tel Aviv regime is a major threat to regional peace and stability.

He continued: “In the case of the United States, the unilateral invasion of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan without the permission of the United Nations is still new and does not need to go back in history.” In Saddam Hussein’s military aggression against Iran, which killed and wounded one million of our people, the United States supported Saddam and even directly attacked our frigates, fired rockets at our passenger plane, and killed 290 innocent civilians. .

The Iranian ambassador in Zagreb pointed out: If you are really looking for public awareness of the reality, you should answer the question: in which of the cases of tension and war in the Iranian region has it played a role? Except that when ISIL terrorists attacked Iraq and Syria, they rushed to the aid of the people of these countries so that ISIL could not form a government in Baghdad and Damascus and then threaten other countries and Europe.

He said: What did the United States do to fight ISIS ?! He did what ISIS terrorists could not do. They brutally assassinated General Soleimani, the main hero of the defeat of ISIS in the Middle East, who was the guest of the Iraqi government. It was a blatant crime and a violation of international law that met with the silence of international organizations.

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* We believe in our legitimacy

The Iranian ambassador to Croatia continued: “The Israeli government has not accepted the NPT nuclear weapons regulations, has produced an atomic bomb and has not allowed International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to its facilities; But he considers Iran’s nuclear program a threat to the region and the world. While most of the IAEA inspections are carried out on Iran’s nuclear facilities and in all IAEA reports so far no cases of deviation to military purposes have been reported.

According to Fars, he stated: We believe in our legitimacy. That is why we are trying to reach a diplomatic agreement to lift the US government’s brutal sanctions against the Iranian people, which were carried out with the deception and provocation of Israel. But the Tel Aviv regime is well aware that Iran is becoming stronger every day, even despite sanctions.

* We will never start a war

The reporter noted that Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi warned Israel that Iran would target the heart of Tel Aviv if it made the slightest move against it. He conveyed this strong message from the military parade on Army Day. He asked Ismaili, “Is this a new message?” He replied: “Israel knows our military power well and of course is unaware of a large part of it.” We do not consider Israel a threat to our national security, and their limit is only small disturbances and terrorist acts. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stated that it will never start a war; But it is very serious and will not hesitate to respond quickly and decisively to the slightest encroachment on its territory by any terrorist group or possibly any country. This is our national will, which was explicitly stated by our President on Army Day.

This is not the first time that the Zionist regime has committed such crimes

Evaluating the recent events in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, which has provoked a wave of condemnation throughout the Arab world, he said: “Israeli military attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque as one of the holiest places for Muslims and even other divine religions; And the slaughter of hundreds of fasting worshipers is another sign of the Israeli regime’s bloodthirsty and non-peaceful nature.

Ismaili added: “This is not the first time that the Israeli government has committed such crimes. Without the intervention of Israel, all followers of religions can perform their religious rites in this holy place without any tension. The regime opposes the free conduct of Muslim religious ceremonies in this mosque, and every year, especially during the month of Ramadan, we witness crimes against worshiping Muslims by Israeli soldiers. This is another reason for Israel to pose a threat in the region.

According to Fars, the Iranian ambassador reminded: Of course, Israel was not alone in killing Muslims. ISIL carried out a similar operation in recent days in Mazar-e-Sharif and Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing and injuring hundreds of Muslim worshipers.

* Iran reserves the right to exploit Arash Square

The reporter asked that Iran has a dispute with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait over a offshore oil field, and this dispute occurs at a difficult time for world gas prices, and how will this issue be resolved? “We have about 28 joint oil and gas fields with our neighbors, such as the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia, about half of which are active,” the senior Iranian diplomat said. We think that these fields should be a basis for friendship and cooperation between countries for peace and further development in the region.

He continued: “Disagreement in common fields and overlapping energy fields between neighboring countries is a natural issue.” What is unnatural and unacceptable is the action of one of these neighbors to exploit these fields without considering the share of the other neighbors.

The Iranian ambassador stated: Regarding the Arash gas field; According to international regulations and procedures, any action in the exploitation and development of this field must be done with the coordination and cooperation of all three countries, and the recent action of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the form of a bilateral cooperation document .

Ismaili reminded: this measure has no effect on the legal status of Arash (Al-Dara) Square and Iran reserves the right to exploit this field and will exploit it. We are ready to resolve this issue through tripartite dialogue.

He also said that differences in common fields do not have a significant impact on the energy market and the current capacities of producers can meet the needs of the market.

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