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Iranian volleyball went “astray”/ We will not reach the Olympics with these players – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, volleyball expert Abbas Ali Mirhosseini said about the performance of the national volleyball team in the Olympic selection: We have to see the reality in Iranian volleyball. Unfortunately, there have been things done in volleyball that were completely wrong. Is. Currently, Iranian volleyball has lost the opportunity to advance to the Olympics, and qualifying for the Olympics is a matter of if.

Iran’s work to get the quota was dragged to and fro

He said: So far, 8 countries have won the quota to participate in the Olympics. As the host, France had the quota to attend the Olympics. 6 teams also qualified for the Olympics in the Olympic qualifiers. Another team is also present as a representative of the African continent in the Olympic Games. With these conditions, 4 quotas remain.

Regarding the conditions of Iran’s promotion to the Olympics, Mir Hosseini stated: Considering that the quota is calculated through the world ranking points until the end of the League of Nations 2024, so we have to wait until then. Considering the big difference between the teams of Italy, Argentina, Slovenia and Iran, it is very likely that we will not reach these three teams because they participate in these competitions with full preparation.

Iranian volleyball neglected

The volleyball expert continued: Therefore, among the teams of Serbia, Holland, Cuba, Turkey, Iran and maybe Bulgaria, only one team will get the quota to participate in the Olympics, which is a very difficult task. In the Olympic qualifiers, the Cuban team has suddenly changed, Germany gave a good lesson to all teams in this tournament. Even a team like Türkiye, which we never thought would be our rival one day; It has been ranked higher than Iran in the world ranking. This situation shows that Iranian volleyball has neglected a lot.

Volleyball went astray in Hangzhou

Mir Hosseini stated that Iranian volleyball did not go the right way in Hangzhou and said: “We lost the path of volleyball in Hangzhou. If we had gone to Hangzhou with a regular team, we would have won the championship. China was a weak team and Japan was the second team in the tournament.” He had participated in these competitions. The South Korean team has also been destroyed. This team is currently in seventh or eighth place in Asia. Definitely, with these opponents, we could have won the championship with a regular team.

Iranian volleyball expert noted: Iranian volleyball sacrificed the Olympic quota in Hangzhou. Our team was sleeping like a rabbit while the other teams went ahead with the plan. We made the conditions very difficult and now people have no hope for this team. But all these talks are not a reason for us to fold our hands and say that the work is difficult and impossible. Iranian volleyball missed many opportunities.

We let Alkeno and experienced players escape

He said: We chose Alkeno as the head coach for the national team, but with the slightest mistake, we did not give him the field and let him escape. The League of Nations showed that this team will not have an acceptable record, but we did nothing for it. Our volleyball needed a competent and up-to-date coach, which we denied to this team. Unfortunately, we did not pay attention to the national interests, and this is what caused volleyball to have these conditions.

9 players are not the size of the national volleyball team

Mir Hosseini stated that there should be changes in Iranian volleyball and noted: In my opinion, nine players of the national team should be changed because they are not at all the level of the national team. The national team had good and experienced players, but we did not use them. Did we miss this opportunity because of stubbornness?! In the same Olympic qualifiers, Germany entered the field with an experienced player, which changed the team.

Volleyball changes only with a level one coach

He said: Now every coach who joins the national team has a very difficult job. Because there is time until the League of Nations. On the other hand, the Premier League starts at the end of October and the clubs do not provide the players to the national team, and after that they have to wait until the end of the league for the players to come to the national team camp. I am worried that the second and third level foreign coach will come to the national team, if we now need a first level foreign coach who can transform volleyball.

Iranian volleyball went

In volleyball, people only pay attention to their own interests and resumes

Iranian volleyball expert said: I am sorry that in Iranian volleyball people only pay attention to themselves and their resume. Collecting a resume is very good, but only if it does not harm the national interest. The referee is a worthy manager, he has good credit and money, but why didn’t he choose a skilled and great coach for the national team after the League of Nations. Mir Hosseini emphasized: Due to his good credit, the referee could take a loan and pay the foreign coach’s salary. Why were these things not done?! Our coaches were not willing to work alongside the first-level foreign coach as an assistant; If it is clear that the world’s top coach does not work as an assistant in Iranian volleyball.

Volleyball will not make it to the Olympics with these players

He said: Alkeno was chosen as the head coach of the national team at the Tokyo Olympics, but the way we treated him, he didn’t want to stay in Iran anymore, if he was a great coach and we should have given him the opportunity. Not only did we let Alceno run away, but we also lost experienced players. Without compliments, Iran’s national volleyball team will not make it to the Olympics with these players. Unfortunately, the realities of volleyball were ignored, and Atai should have resigned earlier, but he didn’t.

The coach should come to the national team to have influence in the world federation

The Iranian volleyball expert noted: The volleyball federation is now looking for a foreign coach, but it should bring a coach who has transformed the national teams of other countries. If a club coach is to join the national team, the situation of volleyball in this critical situation will definitely become more critical. In order to advance to the Olympics, Iranian volleyball needs a skilled and professional coach who has made changes at the national level. Iranian volleyball needs a coach who has influence in the world federation. The way is clear, but I don’t know what the officials are looking for?!

They show the reality of volleyball upside down

Mir Hosseini said: “Unfortunately, the conditions are now such that they show the reality in volleyball upside down.” I read in the news that they praised the head coach of Iran’s volleyball team and called the national team strong. If our team lost the result against all the teams present in the Olympic selection. These talks are not the reality of Iranian volleyball. The national team had a different composition in every tournament from June this year in the League of Nations until the selection matches in October. This is painful. Why shouldn’t the national team participate in four international volleyball tournaments but did not have a fixed composition?! In fact, the team had no plans in any competition.

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