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Iran’s Mehr Bank supported a thousand couples in the 60s by paying Qarz-ul-Hosneh loans

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations and customer affairs of Qarz-ul-Hasneh Mehr Bank of Iran, a meeting of country’s sample rural women was held with the presence of Ansieh Khazali, the vice president for women and family affairs. A part of this meeting was dedicated to explaining the memorandum of understanding of this deputy with Iran’s Qarz-ul-Hosneh Mehr Bank.

“Reza Qaraipour”, acting vice president of planning and development of Iran’s Qarzul Hosneh Mehr Bank, was also one of the speakers of this meeting. He stated: Iran’s Karzah Al-Hosneh Mehr Bank was established in 2006 with the shareholding of 10 major banks in the country, and today we can see that it has 15 million customers and has paid more than 16 million loans since the beginning of its activity.

He announced: Currently, the bank’s resources have reached 210 hemats, while 2 years ago this number was only 86 hemats. In fact, during these 2 years that have passed since the 13th People’s Government, the bank’s resources have grown more than 14 years ago. We have planned to increase this number to 300 Hemat this year.

Qaraipour considered one of the prides of Qarzul-Hosneh Mehr Bank of Iran to have the best default rate in the banking network and said: the global standard for the ratio of claims to expenses is 4-5%, but due to the fact that the credit health is well respected in Qarz-ul-Hosneh Mehr Bank of Iran, the mentioned index in This bank has reached less than half a percent.

He pointed out: Those who receive Qarzul Hosna loans pay their installments on time. Now the most reliable customers of the country’s banking network belong to Iran’s Qarzul-Hosneh Mehr Bank.

The deputy director of planning and development of Qarz-ul-Hosneh Mehr Bank of Iran continued: Now more than 40% of the loans of this bank are paid online. Also, to facilitate loan payments to customers, the bank also accepts electronic promissory notes as collateral.

One third of the country’s population are customers of Qarz Al-Hosna banks
Emphasizing the facilitation of loan payments to the bank’s customers, he stated: More than 20% of the loans paid by Qarz-ul-Hasneh Mehr Bank of Iran were based on their validation without receiving guarantors from the customers. Many measures have been taken and the financial inclusion of 2 Qarzul Hosna Banks has increased from 16% to 30% since the beginning of the 13th People’s Government. It means that about one-third of the country’s population are customers of Qarz Al-Hasna banks.

While pointing to the international achievements of Qarzul-Hosna Mehr Bank of Iran, he said: “Karzul-Hosna Mehr Bank of Iran’s actions have made this bank to be included in the list of the top 1000 banks in the world by the Banker magazine, which is one of the most reliable international authorities for reviewing the activities of banks.”

He continued: The motto of Iran’s Qarz-ul-Hosna Mehr Bank is “Mehr Card, Life Card”. Our goal is that every Iranian should have a Qarzul-Hosna account so that we can meet the financial needs of people in the Qarzul-Hosna ecosystem. It is not appropriate for the people of our country to do this at high rates to finance their needs.

Qaraipour also stated about the Bank’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Presidential Vice President for Women and Family Affairs: in line with the implementation of the general policy of the population announced by the Supreme Leader (Mad Zala Al-Ali), the realization of the goals of the vision document on the horizon of 1404, the document of the transformation of the people’s government and the macro policies of the women’s field. and the family in order to facilitate the marriage of young people, this memorandum is concluded.

In this regard, he added: financing dowry is very important, because young people face various financial issues at the beginning of their life together, and it is necessary for banks to finance their expenses at a cheap rate.

Qarzul Hosne Mehr Bank of Iran is a social bank
Karaipour said: Social banking is an important concept in the world and it has been paid attention to since 40 years ago. Since banks do not only have a profitable role, they try to solve various problems of their society while cooperating with other institutions.

The deputy director of planning and development of Mehr Iran’s Qarz-ul-Hosna Bank continued: As the main trustee of Qarz-ul-Hosna in the country, this bank has paid special attention to the mentioned concept. Qarzul-Hosneh Mehr Bank of Iran has carried out extensive activities in the field of social responsibility, such as being the first bank in the country that does not recognize the obligation or late fines of loans as income and spends it on public welfare.

He noted: participation in the release of prisoners of non-intentional crimes, insurance of 500,000 rural houses, participation in the insurance of more than 5 million rural houses, purchase of 25,000 items of medical equipment to deal with the corona disease, construction of schools and health centers in deprived areas or affected by natural disasters. It is only a part of the social responsibility measures of this bank in recent years.

Qaraipour said: Iran’s Qarzul Hosneh Mehr Bank has signed nearly 1,700 memorandums of understanding with various institutions and organizations. Among other things, within the framework of the memorandum with the Presidential Office of Women and Family Affairs, 1,000 couples (2,000 people) are allocated Kalakart for 36 months with a maximum fee of 4%. We hope that with this work, we have taken a step towards facilitating the marriage of the target community of this project (single people in the sixties).

He clarified: In this plan, the bank will try to receive the minimum possible guarantee. After the introduction of people by the villagers or other loved ones who are responsible for this work, credit allocation is done automatically and Qarz-ul-Hosneh Mehr Bank of Iran makes every effort to provide the services needed by the target community of this project with the best quality and with the least possible time. They should be provided.

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