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Iraq: The gas agreement with Tehran was to overcome the American sanctions

According to the report of the International Economic Group of Fars News Agency, the issue of the reduction of Iran’s gas exports to Iraq was on the top of the news in the past days due to the problem of blocking the amounts of gas prices with the Iraqi Commercial Bank and as a result the reduction of electricity production in this country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani announced on Tuesday evening that the country has reached an agreement to settle its debt to Iran.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s office announced Tuesday evening that Baghdad and Tehran signed an agreement under which Iran’s gas exports to Iraq will resume in exchange for Iraqi crude and black oil.

The statement states: This contract was signed by Ehsan Yassin Al-Awadi, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, on the Iraqi side, and by Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadegh, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad, on the Iranian side.

According to this statement, this agreement was reached after several days of negotiations between Tehran and Baghdad, in which delegations and technical committees from both sides were present.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office announced: This agreement is in the framework of the Iraqi government’s efforts to deal with the crisis of gas supply to power plants and prevent financial problems and the complications of American sanctions, which prevent Iran from continuing to pay gas prices, and this agreement is the process of supplying gas and starting up power plants and It guarantees the stability of electricity production.

On the other hand, Asim Jihad, the spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, also said that the agreement with Iran to exchange Iranian gas with Iraqi black oil is one of the most important solutions that the Iraqi government and the cabinet of ministers resorted to in order to pay taxes on imported gas.

He called this agreement a way to end the previous obstacles caused by US sanctions against Iran and said: This agreement will be implemented according to the agreed mechanism and based on the approved pricing in the world markets.

* Iraq: We are consulting with America

In an interview with Sputnik, Mohammad Nouri Al-Abd Rabeh, the head of the Iraqi Parliament’s Electricity and Energy Committee, said that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry will consult with the United States in the coming days to resolve the problem of Iran’s gas supply.

He emphasized: We asked the Iraqi government to try to solve this problem through its foreign ministry and through diplomatic means and contact with the United States, because there are money belonging to Iran in the bank, and therefore the problem is not from Iraq’s side.

The member of the Iraqi parliament said: Everyone knows that America imposes sanctions on many countries and prevents interaction with them, and Iran is one of these countries, and we are now trying to solve this problem through diplomacy and to a satisfactory result for everyone. let’s get there

Al-Abd Rabbe said about the prediction of achieving positive results from the talks with Washington: Based on our assessments, this problem will be solved because Iraq needs Iranian gas in the current and next two months.

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