It is hard work, but be sure we will make history this time

According to Mehr reporter, Alireza Biranvand said in a press conference before the start of today’s training of the Iranian national football team in the conference hall of Al-Ryan Stadium in Doha, Qatar: Thank you to the media for coming here. We are coming to the World Cup for the third time in a row. In the previous two seasons, especially the 2018 World Cup, we were very good and could have advanced. This topic and experience can help us. We know that we have a very difficult job and you can be sure that we are here to make history.

The goalkeeper of the Iranian national football team added: The World Cup is one of the biggest football events and we want to advance to the next round this time.

Regarding the English reporter’s question about predicting the joys after the Iranian national team’s goal, he clarified: Everyone dreams of being here in the World Cup. We put all our focus here so that we can have the best performance. The discussion of happiness after flowers is a completely personal matter. We are here to make the people of Iran happy and this team is for Iran. We adhere to everything.

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