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3 more rioters were arrested in Izeh / increasing the number of arrestees to 6 people

According to the Fars news agency, citing the media center of the Judiciary, Ali Dehghani, the Chief Justice of Khuzestan province, said in relation to the events of last night in Izeh city: At around 18:00 on the 25th of Aban, some people tried to create unrest at the Red Crescent intersection in Izeh city. In the future, with the presence of armed people at the scene of rioting and shooting, the conditions of armed and blind terrorist acts took over.

He added: Following these incidents, a number of people present at the place and security guards were shot, which resulted in the martyrdom of 7 people and the injury of 10 people.

Dehghani stated: The rioters continued to disrupt the order, set fire and destroy public facilities, and some also set fire to Sisteran Seminary, State Penitentiary Department and Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (RA) of Izeh city.

The Chief Justice of Khuzestan province continued: The injured were taken to Ahvaz hospitals by ambulance, and the bodies of the martyrs were taken to the forensic medical center of the province for examination, autopsy and determination of the cause of death.

Dehghani added: 6 rioters have been arrested so far.

He emphasized: Due to the depth of this incident, judicial investigations and follow-ups are being carried out using the capacities of the Security Council and bailiffs.

The Chief of Justice of Khuzestan province said: Last night, the prosecutor of the provincial capital was sent to Izeh city, and the necessary measures were taken in order to be accurate and speedy in handling and conducting preliminary investigations and identifying and arresting all operatives, support, causes and perpetrators of the accident, as well as estimating the amount Damage caused to public and government places, handling the situation of the injured in the accident, determining the position of the martyrs’ bodies and taking appropriate measures for public peace at the city level have been issued.

The Chief of Justice of Khuzestan Province added: A judicial case has been filed in relation to this incident and referred to the investigation branch of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Izeh.

Dehghani stated: Strict orders have been given to the prosecutor of Khuzestan province, the head of justice and the prosecutor of Izeh city to immediately deal with the condition of the injured, determine the position of the bodies of the martyrs and speed up the identification of the main perpetrators of the accident in the early hours of the accident.

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