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Job search and labor force system was activated in Khuzestan

According to IRNA, “Arsalan Ghamgin” told reporters on Saturday: in order to accelerate the acquisition of skilled labor and suitable for job opportunities, the job search system in Khuzestan province was activated simultaneously with the rest of the country.

He said: “Job seekers can apply for their jobs by entering this system, and employers can also provide the required labor force by entering the system immediately and in the shortest possible time.”

He added: “With the activation of this system, which leads to the improvement of the business environment, both the job seeker and the employer will be able to communicate as soon as possible, and justice will be provided in the best possible way in the distribution of job opportunities.”

He said that the job search system is a good opportunity for job seekers to use job search services and reduce the time and cost of job search, he said: Job search system is one of the ways to improve job performance in terms of job opportunities and communication with employers and job seekers.

The Director General of Khuzestan Labor and Social Welfare Cooperative also pointed to the special efforts to organize the labor market and added: 30 non-governmental job centers are currently active in most cities of Khuzestan province, which will reach 35 centers by the end of this year.


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