Announcement of lottery results of Iran Khodro products

According to Tejarat News, the lottery ceremony of Iran Khodro products was held on the 4th of December 1400 with the presence of regulatory bodies and the names of the winners were announced.

According to Iran Khodro Circular 4416, Denaplus automatic turbocharged, manual container, Peugeot 207 manual glass roof, Denaplus manual turbocharged, Ranaplus, Ranaplus glass roof and Soren Plus were offered in this design.

List of Denaplus automatic turbocharged results

List of Tara manual results

List of results of Peugeot 207 manual glass roof

List of Denaplus manual turbocharged results

Ranaplus results list

List of results of Ranaplus glass roof

List of Soren Plus results

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