Le Monde report on Zionist apartheid; Outraged anger at the Arabs of occupied Palestine

According to Fars News Agency International Group, the newspaper “لوموندFrance published an article on the plight of the Palestinians living in the 1948 occupied territories and wrote that the Palestinians present in the occupied territories were in a miserable situation; Because there are illegal killings and the places of worship are destroyed and their shops are looted. These actions will cause fierce clashes between the Palestinians and the Zionists.

According to the French newspaper, last year’s violence in occupied Palestine reflects the discrimination faced by the inhabitants of the occupied territories; And this anger and frustration means that the situation is about to explode.

news Network Algeria Translating the article, he reported that a year after the fierce clashes, a businessman in Al-Led described the situation as “space is corrupt.” “We live in the shadow of the occupation,” said a Palestinian in the Ramat Ashkul area, which was the scene of violence last year. “We are victims of discrimination.”

“I am an Arab,” said a 40-year-old Palestinian. They (Israelis) ask us to forget who we are, but we do not forget. We live in this land. “So here, we will resist.”

Israel’s colonial policies are the cause of the conflict in Palestine

“Anyone could have predicted the events of May last year; Because the Palestinians living in the land were doubly marginalized. “The reason for this is also Israel’s colonial policies.”

He refers to Operation Saif al-Quds or the Sword of Quds, which took place in May last year. The operation, a widespread war between Palestinian resistance groups and the Zionist regime, lasted for 12 days. The resistance groups based in the Gaza Strip, especially the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, won the battle by inflicting heavy losses on the Tel Aviv forces.

The fire of this battle broke out in the holy month of Ramadan, following the attack of the Zionist regime forces on the Palestinian people in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The offensive was ordered by Mohammed al-Daif, commander-in-chief of Kataeb al-Qassam, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, for all resistance groups based in the Gaza Strip. put.

The war was mediated by Egypt and ended with the setting of conditions by the Palestinian resistance on the morning of the 22nd of May, with the martyrdom of more than 200 Palestinians and the death of 13 Zionists. During the war, the Zionist regime targeted and destroyed many civilian places, including world media offices and many Muslim mosques.

Regarding the situation of the Palestinians in the second intifada in 2000, Haim Yaghoubi added: “Israel did not do anything for these people for 20 years. Even the average poverty in the so-called mixed cities (Palestinians and Zionists) is twice as high [از مناطق تحت اشغال صهیونیستها] Is”.

According to the newspaper, the city of Al-Led, which is currently struggling with the spread of drugs and crime, was once a prosperous city, but in July 1948, two months after the announcement of the Zionist regime, and the invasion of its troops. The regime was depopulated. More than 400 people were killed in the attacks, and more than 50,000 Palestinians were expelled and replaced by Zionists from the Maghreb and the Soviet Union.

“If anyone [در یافا] He talked about coexistence, he said nonsense. People feel angry and frustrated. Many of them can not live a dignified life. “Jaffa is boiling inside the fire.”

According to Baba, residents of the city demonstrated last year in support of residents of Jerusalem and Gaza, but the reaction of the Zionist police was “very brutal.” What happened in May last year woke up the Palestinians in the occupied territories, and “for the first time since the occupation of Palestine, we spoke the same language of resistance; Whether in Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. “So the Israelis understood that we were Palestinians, not Israeli Arabs.”

Meanwhile, Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of the Hamas political bureau, recently said that the Zionist regime’s security services were in control of the situation and did not want to escalate tensions. He stated that the reason for this is that the Zionists still have the experience of the Quds Sword operation in their minds, adding that the regime never intends to do anything to repeat the Quds Sword experience; Because the results of this operation were devastating for them.

The Hamas official stressed that the West Bank and the 1948 territories are inflamed today, noting that this is dangerous for the Zionist regime; Because this regime intends to restrain the Palestinian people. He said that the Zionists are trying to prove their existence, but at the same time said that these actions are useless and will not give them any rights.

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