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Learn how to connect a PS4 handle to an Android phone

Study time: <1 Minutes

If you are one of those people who enjoy playing on your Android phone as much as you do playing with your console, you do not need to buy Bluetooth controllers. In this article to learn how to connect the handle PS4 We are dealing with an Android phone.

How to connect PS4 handle to Android phone?

  1. First the console handle PS4 Take it with you.
  2. Buttons PS And Share Hold the PlayStation handle together to hold the handle.

    Press the PlayStation and share buttons together

  3. If the light behind your handle turns white, it means that the connection mode is set.
  4. Pick up your Android phone and enter Settings and then Bluetooth Become. Then turn on the phone’s Bluetooth.
  5. option Scan For a New Device Tap to identify surrounding devices.
  6. Among the available devices, Wireless Controller Choose. If you have changed the name of your controller, click on the name of your choice.

When the handle PS4 Connected to an Android phone, you can easily play many racing, aerial, action and war games, machine and single player controls. However, puzzle games with handles are still not controllable.
We hope you find this article useful. If you have a problem at any stage, comment for us.

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