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“Like Butterflies” dedicated to butterfly children + film

According to Fars news agency, the music video “Shabieh Parvaneh” with a poem by Mojtabi Karmi, sung by Ali Akbar Haeri and accompanied by the Ehsan hymn group was released on the eve of Imam Hassan Mojtabi’s (a.s.) birthday and dedicated to the children of Parvaneh.

Ehsan Javadi, the arranger, Amirreza Shirazi, the graphic artist, Ali Zamani, the director, and Sajjad Shirafken, the producer, are among the other actors of the music video “Shabiy Parwaneha”, which was published by the efforts of Maawa Music Center.

The 17th of Farvardin coincides with the 15th of Ramadan, the anniversary of the birth of Imam Hassan Mojtabi (AS).

“Pydermolysis bullosa” with the abbreviated name “EB” is a hereditary disease in skin tissues that causes blisters in the skin and mucous membrane. This disease is likened to the wings of a butterfly due to the thinning of the skin and its vulnerability, and it is known as “butterfly” disease in Iran. So far, 950 butterfly patients have been identified in the country, and 95% of them are the result of family marriages.

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