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Live broadcasting of programs honoring the 1402 Insurance and Development Conference

According to the report of financial financial news, citing the public relations and international affairs of the insurance research institute, the 30th national conference and the 11th international conference on insurance and development with the theme “Evolution of the ecosystem of the insurance industry (takaful, governance, new technologies)” on December 12 and 13, 1402 in person Various scientific and specialized programs will be held in Tehran’s Milad Tower Conference Center.

On the morning of Sunday, December 12, the opening ceremony of the conference and the speeches of the hosts and special domestic and international guests, including professors, experts and senior managers in the fields of insurance, takaful and Islamic finance from Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey will be held. On the second day of this event and at the same time as the National Insurance Day, scientific lectures were held in the morning with the presence of national officials, senior managers of the insurance industry and special international guests, and all the commemorative programs were held in the morning on December 12 and 13, 1402 for the benefit of the audience. It will be broadcast live.

Dear audience, in order to view the commemoration programs of the 30th National Conference and the 11th International Conference on Insurance and Development, they can go to Visit.

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