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“Mahdi Situation” is not like any war movie

Behzad Agha Beigi, the costume designer of the movie “Mahdi Situation” directed by Hadi Hejazifar, which is currently on the screens of the country’s cinemas and managed to win the second place at the box office, in an interview with Fars News Agency, noting that immediately after the movie ” “Sniper” has participated in the “Situation of Mehdi” project, he said: I met Hadi Hejazifar in the movie “Lottery” in which he played, and maybe this acquaintance led us to collaborate in the movie “Situation of Mehdi” شد.

He said that “Mahdi’s situation”, in addition to being a heavy project for him, was one of the most challenging things in terms of production that he has done so far. . While designing work clothes that are related to the 50s and 60s and everyone is familiar with it, requires high accuracy and mastery of that period, because the smallest mistake is visible to the audience.

Behzad Agha Beigi, whose work record includes most of the war works and works of the 60s, said: “Perhaps it is better to say that the project agents fought in this work like a real fighter, although most of them had not experienced war, but so much space in terms of production is real.” Was, that we fully experienced the feeling of that time. If I want to give an example, I have to refer to the scenes of Majnoon Island that are very real.

Aghabigi went on to say that detail is very important in costume design, adding that the extent to which every costume designer has mastered detail goes back to seeing videos and photos from that decade and the experience of previous work. The clothes of the 60’s have very important details that should be paid attention to. For example, we even paid attention to the metal zippers of the windshields and their rings, watches, rings, the type of collar of the clothes, bags, etc. to lead the viewer to the 60s.

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He emphasized: “Almost all the clothes of this decade are sewn because there is nothing left. Of course, we used a collection of clothes and hats left from the early 60’s for the war part of” Mahdi’s position “. We also prepared fabrics for the urban part of the work and sewed clothes.

Behzad Agha Beigi added: “The clothes of the 60’s are very different from what was used in the 70’s and 80’s, and the viewer realizes the slightest mistake, while the director does not accept it.” On the other hand, preparing and sewing clothes is not an easy task, because it has to be prepared one by one.

Regarding the experience of working with Hadi Hejazifar, he said: “The common point between him and me is that we are both very strict and we do not go into details easily, so we were able to interact with each other and reach an understanding that we should thank him for his trust in us.” To.

The costume designer, who has worked with directors such as Majid Majidi, Davood Mirbagheri, Shahriyar Bahrani, Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian and others, stated: “The interesting thing for me was that Hadi Hejazifar is a strong source of information for us. He acted as if he had shot 10 movies so far, and he did not look like the director of the first work at all. Also, the Hejazifar on the back of the monitor was different from what we saw outside, and it was highly sensitive to the various issues to which it owed itself.

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According to Agha Beigi, everyone in the project had to do their job properly, which happened because the director himself had the energy to work and the other actors were all young and motivated.

He, who was nominated for Best Costume Design for the film “Mahdi’s Position” at the 40th Fajr Fajr Film Festival, said about this Simorgh: “My personal opinion is that 5 nominees are worthy of Simorgh and who should be given Simorgh.” , Taste is completely personal, but basically the best costume design belongs to someone who does not see the costume design in the film, and this means that the designer has done his job properly.

In the end, Aghabigi stated that he has watched this work three times so far, noting that the emotional and romantic moments of “Mahdi’s situation” are very good and have not stopped working. Is. In fact, Hadi Hejazifar’s first film is not like any other film and is borrowed from himself, although it may be made in the future. I also heard that a lot of audiences said that we miss the people in the film, which means that the efforts of the producers for 2 to 3 years have come to fruition.

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