Majidi: The name of today’s game was not football and I’m sorry for the inspiration

According to Tasnim news agency, Meysam Majidi after the 1-0 defeat of Mazandaran textile football team against Arak Aluminum in the final of the National Football Cup, said: I congratulate the textile fans and the people of Mazandaran on the championship, but I am sorry for the inspirational silence. In the Premier League game this season, there was tension between the benches of the two teams, where Elhami said that my players learn football from me, but today we understood the meaning of football, that they locked us in the locker room before the game. This was not called football.

He added: “We had about six or seven scoring opportunities, but on one half and half position the ball entered our goal. We were ashamed of aluminum fans. Once again, congratulations to the people of Mazandaran, but not to inspiration and textile management. Of course, Haddadian owns the club. These things were ugly and were not in the dignity and character of the great textile team.

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