Why is the price of assembled cars multiplying in Iran?

The issue of pricing of assembled cars is such problems that are defined by phrases such as “they sell two to three times the world price in Iran”, “companies’ profit on each car is 200%” and … the problem is defined and the carmaker It is at the top of the news as the main target. Studies on the final price of a car that is announced as the selling price to the customer show that more than 20 factors affect this price, three of which are related to the automaker, 10 factors related to the government and the rest to the Chinese automaker and company. Related to sea and land transport.

Imagine a car sold in the market at a price of one billion tomans. To reach this selling price, according to surveys, we need a car with a retail price of $ 19,000 in the Chinese car market (the most optimistic case with the least profit and cost margins). It is at this stage that some say that the price of this car with a half currency of 25 thousand Tomans will be 475 million Tomans and the Iranian company will sell it with a profit of more than 100%, but how does this price reach one billion Tomans and the automaker’s share of this price increase? How much is?

45% share of Chinese automaker

First of all, we must not forget that the main winner of the ban on car imports is the sanctions on the Iranian market and the current situation before the company or individual, the Chinese carmakers and the government of this country. The price of a Chinese car in the final price calculations usually includes about 40 to 50 percent of the final price, and this is exactly the number that the general public considers as the cost price in Iran and the rest of the price as profit. . The cost of packing CKD parts should not be hidden in the price of the car as it costs an average of $ 500 per car.

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$ 3,000 container share !

A 40-foot container is usually used to carry an average of 3 car parts, and in the new empire founded by China, the cost has reached about $ 9,000, which imposes a cost of $ 3,000 per car, with a half-price of 25,000 Tomans. This number reaches 75 million Tomans, which is 7.5% of a car worth one billion Tomans.

20% share of Iranian carmaker

Automotive company in the stages of production costs (energy carriers, labor, etc.), 17% allowable profit and the costs of marketing, sales, after-sales service and dealer network affect this price, which is about 20% of the final price. Car sales are coming, which means that the car company can have an impact of 200 million Tomans on a car worth one billion. Now it must be considered that all this 200 million tomans will not be the share of the automaker because a significant part of it will be spent outside the share of the organization, which will be subject to inflation and price increase every year; Among them, we can mention the salaries and benefits of the labor force, income tax, etc., and in fact, the authorized profit of companies is 17% on the final price of the car after production and with production costs, which on the car is one billion tomans. It can be about 100 million tomans and a little more than that.

20% share of the Iranian government

Government is a comprehensive title for the costs that are taken on a car during the stages of customs clearance, numbering, etc., and as a result, it is added to its price. Among some government lines that form the final selling price of a car can be CKD import tariff (40%), customs insurance and tax on customs and the share of the Red Crescent, etc. (5.5%), VAT ( When clearing parts from customs, numbering, third party insurance, car transfer tax and VAT on the price of the final product, he mentioned that about 20% of the price of a car is one billion tomans. This means that 200 million tomans of the price of a car is one billion from the costs caused by government laws.

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Financial overhead costs

Automakers make a living by borrowing and investing, and there is no doubt that the cost of borrowing or investing heavily increases the price of cars, and that overhead costs, a significant portion of which is the banks’ share, reach at least 10 percent of car prices, which should not be Car price calculations in Iran were easily overlooked.

Beat all the ingredients with a stick

Finally, it is important to note that given the 40% inflation at the end of 1400 and the increase in this number in the first month of this year, one can not expect an investor such as a private carmaker to be content with a profit of, say, 10%. Block jobs, so carmakers will be looking for more revenue in a variety of ways, which you can be sure is more secretive than simply multiplying the dollar price of a car by two or three to make a profit. Automakers are in fact only burdened with the production process in Iran and domestic sanctions, otherwise the costs of financial overhead, taxes and all other costs will eventually be calculated on the final price and taken from the customer’s pocket and only need a little time. has it. Taking into account all the above issues, we suggest that if the issue of high prices of assembled cars in Iran was raised again; The automaker, the government, the ban on car imports, unjustifiable ancillary costs such as transfer taxes, etc. should be criticized simultaneously with a stick.

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