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Malair is the world city of art

The vice president of handicrafts and traditional arts said: “This is a small world, and the world has heard the voice of woodcarving artists, the voice of calligraphy artists, and the voice of Malairi’s pearl weaving artists, and Malairi is a world city of art.

On the evening of July 15th, Maryam Jalali stated in the grand Ghadirakhm Eid celebration and the closing ceremony of the fourth Melair inlaid furniture sales festival that was held at the Mini World complex: Wherever in the world there is a pattern on wood and that wood is used to decorate a room, there is the name of Melair.

Jalali emphasized: World registration is a privilege; But it is more important than that, it is a responsibility because when a city becomes global, it means that each and every citizen of that city, including the mayor, governor, MP, artist, craftsman and businessmen must think globally.

By saying that I am the greetings of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, he continued: Iranian family is a sign and a symbol; A family that produces morality, law, health and wealth with affection and love and with its education.

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He clarified: We are a family and we are proud of being this family. Our handicrafts are our livelihood, identity and foundation, a livelihood that expresses and screams our identity.

He called the family an advantage of the discourse of Islamic Iran and stated: Iran’s handicrafts are very precious and valuable. The women of our land and the men who raised them are artists in that they create art from pieces of wood and inanimate metal, from dry mats, and from bush thread. .

The city of Malair 1 Malair is the world city of art

The city of Malair 2 Malair is the world city of art

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