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Mansoorian: We analyzed Persepolis well / Tehran journalists ask strange questions from their pockets

According to the Fars News Agency reporter from Abadan, Alireza Mansoorian stated in a press conference before the game with Persepolis: “I welcome the Persepolis convoy and I hope we will have a beautiful and good game.” Satisfy the good development and football-loving fans of our country Technically and tactically, our field also allows two teams to play good football tactically.

He added: “We have one of the best football fields in the country and I must thank the officials for this field.” The game is very important in terms of the table. Our situation in the table is such that after 7-8 matches, when they fell behind against Gol Gohar 2, they were emotionally upset because we did not have a loss of 8 games and I hope last week’s loss will be our last defeat until the end of the league.

Mansoorian continued: “We are in the best possible condition mentally and psychologically.” For two reasons, we have analyzed the situation of Persepolis psychologically for our players and our players know that they will have one of the best games tomorrow, especially next week, when we are independent.

The head coach of Abadan Oil Industry football team added: “In these two games, our players can be seen completely in the window of Iranian football. Tactically, we have the necessary knowledge of Mr. Yahya and his team.” We tried to hold theoretical and technical classes for my players one after another. If tomorrow, thanks to our Lord, we make the least mistakes in the game in the shortest time and our individual mistakes are few, we can have a very good day against Persepolis and try to tell our players during the week that there is no difference between you and Persepolis players and other teams. does not have. You are the one who will play in Esteghlal, Persepolis and big football teams in the future. Tomorrow against Persepolis, our players must be able to defend their football reputation and prestige.

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Regarding his team’s injured and deprived, he said: “We have a big deprived player named Talib Rikani. Rikani made a mistake last week in a moment so that I would not counterattack and not score the third goal.” Number 10 players play less violent games. Most of the No. 10 players I had were unfamiliar with physical play, and when they make a mistake it leads to a strange mistake, like Qassem Haddadifar, Iman Mabali, who when I mentioned at this level were good at the country’s football, but when they go, they play hard. They are furious, but I hope the players who play for Talib Rikani tomorrow are good.

Mansoorian added: “Our squad will have two or three new changes in tomorrow’s game, and we will definitely add one or two young and potential players to the squad. The reason I bring two young squads is that I want them to have a long jump.” Mr. Talib is our main deprived. We also have two or three injured players who, thank God, have returned to the team and are returning. One of them will play Esteghlal before the game and the other two will play after Esteghlal.

In the end, the head coach of the oil industry said: “I thank all of you journalists. I know that the people of Tehran may be upset, but I am saying this. I offer this to the people of Tehran who do not ask so many strange questions at the conference. See what questions I got today. Everyone was in the technical field. Tehran, every time I go to a press conference, they ask strange questions that surprise me.

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