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10 Common Questions Before Laser Hair Removal

Many beauticians go to beauty clinics every day to treat their excess hair, and due to the wide range of devices Laser hair removal There is always the mental concern that what is the best device for removing excess hair? Or how can the common side effects of laser hair removal be reduced?

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Which laser hair removal device is best for my skin?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the more skill and knowledge the operator has in recognizing the skin, laser, and dealing with complications, Zibajo will face less complications of laser hair removal and laser hair removal will bring more favorable feedback. . So, as a first step, choosing reputable centers and clinics is very important.

The color of the skin of beauticians and the reaction of their skin to light is reflected in the skin type of beauticians. Experiments have shown that different results are seen in different skin types. So it is very important to know your skin type before laser hair removal.

The division of skin types goes from light skin color (type 1) to darker skin types (type 6). The higher the number, the darker the person’s color.

The Alexandrite laser device is suitable for lighter skin types (types 1, 2 and 3) and the diode laser device is suitable for darker skin types (skin types 4, 5 and 6).

Of course, type 6 is rarely seen in Iran and it can be said that Alexandrat laser is suitable for all skin types in Iran.

Is It Possible To Regrow Hair After Laser Hair Removal?

The growth period of excess hair after the laser will increase and in terms of density, the number of excess hair will definitely grow after the laser, which will also have a thin and fluffy appearance. But beauticians will definitely see the growth of excess hair again after the laser.

Does laser hair removal work better on dark hair?

Laser work is based on selective photothermolysis. This means that the heat energy of the laser is absorbed by the darker parts. In fact, the pigments in the hair follicles absorb the heat energy of the laser. Accordingly, the darker the hair color, the better the laser hair removal results. The same can be generalized to the thickness of the hair and it can be concluded that the thicker the hair, the more responsive the laser hair removal is.

Now the question that arises is whether the laser has a favorable response in people with lighter hair color? In response, it should be said that if the laser parameters are adjusted correctly, the diode laser is a good choice for laser hair removal in these people.

Is laser hair removal carcinogenic?

Every new technology that is introduced to the world raises concerns about its consequences. But in some cases, misinformation about the effects of this technology and new devices can cause us to miss out on the benefits of the technology. In response to laser hair removal is carcinogenic or not, it should be said that the spectrum of light used in laser hair removal is different from the spectrum of sunlight that increases the risk of cancer. In a way, laser hair removal does not increase the risk of cancer.

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Does laser hair removal burn dark skin?

As mentioned earlier, the function of laser hair removal is based on selective photothermolysis, and the laser heat energy is absorbed by darker areas, and in beauticians with darker skin color, if the parameters of the device are not selected correctly, the risk of complications such as burns is higher. It is recommended that operators use lower fluorescence and higher distortion when laser-drying their hair, and consider more sessions to compensate for this reduction in energy.

Does laser hair removal cause infertility?

The bikini laser is used to remove hair in the bikini area, and this area requires more care due to the fact that it is heavily affected by hormones. The fact is that the depth of energy of the laser hair removal in the laser hair removal is very small and does not even pass through the skin, which can damage the internal organs. In some people, due to the slight difference in the color of the bikini area and the rest of the skin, it is necessary to change some parameters and increase the number of sessions. But there is no need to worry about damage to internal organs and infertility and its cases.

Does the brand of laser device have an effect on the laser result?

Today, due to the high price of laser hair removal devices, we are witnessing an increase in the use of non-standard and low-quality devices in clinics.

In addition to not having the desired result at the end of the laser period for beauticians, these devices can cause side effects such as redness of the skin, acne and pimples, blisters, skin infections, slight skin discoloration and so on.

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Does laser hair removal cause dry skin?

Laser hair removal damages the follicles by destroying the temperature of the skin follicles. In some cases, it can cause burns due to non-observance of safety conditions by the beautician or operator, but dry skin is a genetic issue. In people with dry skin, less fat reaches the surface of the skin from the sebaceous glands, and this is not dependent on laser hair removal, but dry skin or skin that has lost fat before bathing with hot water is more prone to side effects. Of lasers.

Can a person with fair skin do laser hair removal?

The best hair and skin type for laser hair removal is the high difference between skin and hair color. Laser response depends to a large extent on the difference. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the greater the accumulation of energy in the follicle and the greater the follicular destruction. However, the possibility of side effects is minimized.

Does my skin get darker after laser hair removal?

Darkening of the skin color is actually the reaction of melanins in response to light, which can be ignored in laser hair removal due to the fact that the time of light contact with the skin is very short. However, darkening of a part of the skin due to inflammation of the skin after laser is one of the side effects of laser that can be prevented in most cases, and the more promising point is that this skin discoloration is often transient.

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