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Many failures and the multi-step fall of Iranian volleyball/the culprit closed the comments! – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr’s reporter, Iran’s national volleyball team at the end of the preliminary stage of the League of Volleyball Nations 2023 With 10 losses, two wins and 11 points, it was placed in the 14th place. Behrooz Atai’s students not only failed to advance to the final stage in this tournament, but also performed very poorly compared to previous seasons.

Iran has participated in the League of Nations in four periods so far, reaching 10th place in 2018, 5th place in 2019, 12th place in 2021, and 7th place in 2022.

End of the first week with 4 points

In the first week of the competition, Atai’s students competed with teams from Japan, Poland, China, and Slovenia. In the first step, the samurai were the hosts of the Iranian national team. Your long-standing and traditional rival Iran has become one of the contenders in world volleyball for a long time and has come a long way from the years when it lost against Iran. According to the strange heresy in Iranian volleyball, the Iranian team did not have a good start in this tournament and lost to the Japanese with a score of 3-0.

Iran’s second match against Poland claimed; Another powerful team in the world, which is in the first place of the world ranking, shows that it is not a weak opponent. Atai’s students lost 3-2 against Poland. They had a great performance in the second and third set, but in the future, they were not enough against this opponent and lost this match in five sets. Although the national team lost the result against Poland, the acceptable performance in the second and third set had given volleyball fans hope for the upcoming matches. An event that did not become reality.

The third match of the national team was against China; One of Iran’s Asian rivals, it was already predictable that the national team would win against China; However, the Chinese were able to take a set from the Iranian national team, but in the end, this match ended with a score of 3-1 in favor of Iran.

The fourth match of the first week of the competition was against Slovenia; The team that managed to defeat Iran with a score of 3-0. In this way, Iran’s national volleyball team experienced three defeats against Japan, Poland and Slovenia in the first week of the League of Nations and ended its work this week with a victory against China and four points.

Repeating the events of the first week in the second week

The second week of the League of Nations was followed by Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Orleans in France. After the end of the first week, the members of the Iranian national team returned to our country and after a few days they went to the Netherlands and faced the teams of Germany, Italy, America and the Netherlands.

Atai’s students started the second week of this competition with a 3-0 win against Germany. The victory against Germany gave volleyball fans hope that the national team has returned to its peak days, although volleyball fans believed that the German team was not an opponent that could measure the quality of the national team.

In the second game, Iran’s top players played against Italy; The team that came to the field with all its stars and finally defeated Iran 3-0.

The third game of the national volleyball team in the second week was against the United States, in which Iran again lost 3-0. In the fourth game, the national volleyball team faced the host team of Holland, and this match also ended with the loss of our country; However, this time the national team managed to take two sets from the Netherlands.

Defeat after defeat in the third week

The third week of the Volleyball League of Nations for our country’s team was affected by the non-issuance of American visas for the head coach and some members of the national team. After the end of the second week, the national team went to Frankfurt, Germany and followed the training for some time in this country, but the shadow of not issuing a visa was with the national team.

Before the start of the competitions, the visas of the three Iranian national teams were not issued; At first, the Volleyball Federation clearly announced that it would withdraw from the tournament if visas were not issued, but later, with the follow-up of the World Federation, while America had not given visas to the main players and the head coach of the team, the position of the Iranian Federation changed and participated in these competitions. The reason for the presence of the national volleyball team to participate in the third week of the competition was to avoid disrupting the competition schedule.

However, the national volleyball team did not have an acceptable performance in the two weeks of the competition; He went to the field in the third week with difficult conditions. The absence of the main players and the absence of the head coach and analyst with the team caused the national team to lose in all four matches.

In the first match of the third week, Iran’s half-and-half team suffered a defeat against France with a score of 3-0. In the second match of the third week, while everyone expected the national team to at least defeat the Bulgarian team, they failed against this team and finally lost with the result of 3:2, thus losing the chance to advance to the final stage.

Iran’s loss against Bulgaria caused a lot of concern for volleyball people, so that some volleyball experts believed that the loss against Bulgaria sounded the alarm for Iran and that Iran has distanced itself from modern volleyball in the world.

From consecutive losses in volleyball to climbing one step / who is to blame?

Defeat against the bottom of the League of Nations made the situation mentally and physically difficult for Atai’s students, so in the third game against the powerful Argentina, the Iranian volleyball team lost again. Of course, in this match, Iran’s players won two sets against Argentina, but in the end, their strength did not reach and this game ended with the result of 3:2. In the last game against Cuba, the national team, which had a losing mindset and was in a bad mental and psychological condition, could not win again, and this match ended with a result of 3:2 in favor of Cuba.

The favor that Japan did to Iran; One step up in the world ranking!

For the Iranian national volleyball team, which did not play with the full lineup in the third week, a special point was considered by the world federation to “freeze” the results of the third week of the competition, which means that Iran’s wins and losses do not have an effect on the world ranking of our country, but Iran’s position in the league of volleyball nations changed and the national team ranked fourteenth with 2 wins, 10 losses, and only 11 points among the 16 participating teams.

Undoubtedly, the results obtained by the Iranian national volleyball team in the League of Nations competitions did not bring the satisfaction of volleyball fans and fans of this popular field. Especially since the national team should think about getting a quota in the year leading up to the Olympics, and the world ranking is very important for them. Of course, due to the defeat of the Dutch team against Japan and negative points for the Dutch team, they fell from the 10th place to the 11th place, and the Iranian national volleyball team, despite the consecutive defeats against the French and Bulgarian teams in the third week of the competition, due to freezer The score of 241.05 was ranked 10th in the world ranking.

Continued concerns despite a step up

But the poor performance of the national volleyball team in each match did not resolve the concerns even with a step up in the world ranking, and it even caused the Volleyball Federation to close its Instagram comments section to the audience after the poor results in the third week, so that the fans of this popular discipline would not criticize the team’s performance.

The interesting point was the words of Behrouz Atai, the head coach of the team; He, who survived the trip to America due to the lack of a visa, criticized the people by appearing on a TV program! While the head coach of the national team considered the field and time as the reason for the national team’s losses in various competitions before and paid less attention to technical issues, in one of his interviews he criticized the people and said: “We are one of the 10 or 12 teams in the world. We have never been ranked 7th in the world and I think we have been ranked only once and we were all 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th. We people strongly feel that we do not see the reality of the story.”

The need to analyze the results of the national volleyball team

Now, to what extent emotional issues are related to the technical performance of the coach and the problems that the team had, is a question that the head coach of the team must answer. But without a doubt, analyzing the successive losses of the national team in these competitions is a matter that must be carefully examined. The head coach of the team also stated in the same TV interview that after the matches, together with my technical staff and the group that I am trying to coordinate with the federation, we will have meetings to review the conditions.

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