The problem of the 80s is repeated for Esteghlal/ Nekonam cannot do miracles

In a conversation with Mehr reporter about the conditions of Esteghlal and the introduction of Ali Khatir as the new head of this club, Saeed Beigi said: “Our discussion in these critical days is not about Esteghlal Khatir or Karimi, but the problem of organizational discussion.” The main problem is from the Ministry of Sports. When 9 managing directors are changed, it is a sign of many problems in Esteghlal, the same thing happened in the 80s in Persepolis, and now it is Esteghlal’s turn.

He continued: Changes and instability in the management of Esteghlal have brought great harm to Esteghlal, and I believe that considering that both teams are in charge of the Ministry of Sports, there are many colored ties, the problems of Persepolis are not covered by the media, but the problems of Esteghlal have been trumpeted and all they understand

Bigi severely criticized Gurbanzadeh, the head of the privatization organization, and reminded: Gurbanzadeh like a professional blogger publishes a message in cyberspace every evening. I think he is more active than a 14-year-old in cyberspace!

The football expert further pointed out: Whenever Yahya Golmohammadi, head coach of Persepolis, protests and complains about the situation of the club, the next day and as soon as possible, the problems are solved and the best things happen for Persepolis, but such things do not happen for Esteghlal. This shows that there are color relations and some people do not want Esteghlal, which has a strong name and many fans, to succeed.

He emphasized: The wrong management has brought independence to this day. If people are shareholders and owners of the club, their wishes should be respected, not disrespected and played with their feelings.

Bigi continued: “The club was ownerless for several days and Nekonam did not know who to tell his wishes to.” The club does not have a technical committee, does not have a spokesperson, and no one is accountable. In my opinion, these problems were created by the Ministry of Sports and Hamid Sajjadi himself! I know Sajjadi well, when I played in Saipa he was the CEO of the club and I saw how he works!

The football expert also stated regarding the situation of Javad Nekonam: Nekonam is one of the best football coaches in Iran, but due to the instability of management, he will have a difficult task ahead of him. He cannot do miracles alone and needs all-round support to be successful in independence.

Criticizing the double treatment of the Magpies, Saeed Beigi said: “The CEO of Persepolis lays down in the back seat and puts his coat on himself to hide it from the fans and the media, but what happens in a few hours when he unbuttons the top button of his shirt?” And does he make a deal with Biranvand? I must say that the events behind the scenes of Esteghlal are far stronger than those of Persepolis, and the events of Esteghlal will soon be in the media, but not for Persepolis!

In the end, the football expert pointed out: I dare to say that in the first practice of Esteghlal, when those unpleasant events happened, it was planned and planned in advance, because no one dares to attack the fans in the camp of the late Hijazi, and I hope the club has a plan. Strictly and principledly and in sync with the head coach, try to make Esteghlal successful.

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