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Margins of the electoral assembly of the Tehran Football Board From not allowing the representative of a club to the meeting to threatening Darvish

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, the election of the president of the football board of Tehran province with the presence of Mehdi Taj, Mehdi Mohammad Nabi and Mansour Qanbarzadeh; The President and Vice President of the Football Federation and Ali Javadi, the General Manager of the Sports and Youth Department of the province and the election candidates started at the National Olympic Academy at 15:00.

* At first, Ebrahim Shakuri, Amir Arabbraghi and Majid Mohammadi have been introduced as observers of the electoral assembly.

* The representative of Kia Academy was prevented from entering this assembly.

* In a situation where Mehdi Arbabi, the 10-year-old former head of the Tehran football team, was prevented from entering the assembly and this caused him great concern, he finally entered the hall with his son and Reza Darvish.

* Darvish had threatened that he would not participate in the assembly if Arbabi did not enter the hall, and considered him the good name of the country’s sports.

*Ali Ilka, one of the candidates for the presidency of the Tehran football team, withdrew from the election at 14:17.

* Amir Arab Baraghi appeared as a representative of referees in the General Assembly of the Football Federation.

* Mehrdad Saraji, Majid Kiyomurthi, Ismail Gudarzi, Mirshad Majdi, Mehdi Malek Abad and Sohail Mehdi are among the candidates who still competed for the presidency when the elections started.

* Mirshad Majdi entered the ceremony hall along with 3 other candidates of this election namely Mohammad Khaleghirad, Alireza Sohrabi and Alireza Yazdani. According to the follow-ups, these 3 candidates have also withdrawn from participating in the elections in support of Majdi.

* In a strange event; The representative of the Kia Academy team, as a member of the football committee, was not allowed into the election hall. It is said that they were prevented from voting due to defects in the constitution.

* At the beginning of the assembly, after the statements of Abbas Timuri, the secretary of the football board, it was the turn of Ahmadreza Barati, the supervisor and vice-chairman of the Tehran football board, to present a report about his performance during the supervision period.

*Javadi, Director General of Sports and Youth Department of Tehran Province, announced in a part of his speech that except Esteghlal and Persepolis, whose popularity indicators are beyond the country, other Tehran clubs are the most oppressed clubs in Iran.

*In the circumstances, the official naming of the Tehran football tournament after Javid-ul-Athar Ahmad Metouslian was supposed to take place today, but due to time constraints, this was not done, but instead, a clip of him with the words of the Supreme Leader was broadcast in the hall.

*Ali Khatir and Reza Darwish, CEO of Esteghlal and Persepolis, sat together.

*Ali Rouzbahani is another candidate who announced his withdrawal yesterday and did not participate in this forum.

*Abbas Zawareh also announced his resignation in favor of Mirshad Majdi.

* Mehrdad Saraji, one of the few remaining candidates for the chairmanship of the delegation, also expressed his opinions in 2 minutes.

*Vahid Amiri, the player of Persepolis football team, the representative of the players, is also absent in this meeting.

*Alireza Sohrabi also announced that due to the coalition formed, he also withdrew in favor of Sood Majdi.

*Mohammed Khaleghi, Alireza Sohrabi, Alireza Yazdani, Abbas Zawareh and Ismail Guderzi also announced that they will withdraw from participating in the elections in favor of Mirshad Majdi. Mehdi Malek Abad also withdrew in favor of Majid Kiyomarthi. Sohail Mehdi also announced that he will withdraw from the election.

*Mehdi Taj is the head of the assembly and a member of the presiding committee residing in Tehran, like Ahmadreza Barati, head of the committee and another member of the presiding committee residing in Tehran, they have 2 votes.

* The shutdown of one of the televisions in the journalists’ hall caused the journalists to protest during the counting of votes.

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