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Master Ahmed: “Lemon” is the spice of the bitterness of life / trying to move towards glorious humor

According to the report of Ray Saba Public Relations, according to the evaluation results of Radio Saba’s summer program, the program “Ice in Paradise” was introduced as the best network program in this season and Mehdi Ustad Ahmad was praised and thanked as the producer of this program.

Mehdi Ustad Ahmad, the producer of this program, said: “I made this choice primarily thanks to the respect of professors and evaluators, and I think that one of the distinguishing features is that we tried not to separate the humor of today and yesterday, of course not.” To try to combine the two, we tried to deal with both today’s and yesterday’s humor, which of course has many issues in humor because it is a human issue. We try to address the concerns of today and yesterday.

He stated: “Another positive point of this program, in my opinion, is the balance between politeness and intimacy. In some radio programs, depending on their approach and purpose, the space of the program is purely literary or intimate.” But “Ice in Paradise” is presented to the audience in a literary and intimate atmosphere. In this program, neither literature sacrifices intimacy nor intimacy is sacrificed for the program to be literary.

Mehdi Ustad Ahmad said about the impact of the new Hudhud system on the Saba Radio website: “The launch of this system has made it easy for us to benefit from the works of listeners and realize that we have tasteful satirists all over the country who need a platform to present their works.” Using the Hudhud system, we can easily receive the audience’s humorous works and use them in the program.

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He added: “Communicating with the audience is as enjoyable and rewarding for the programmer as it is for the audience.”

The program “Ice in Paradise” will be aired in the fall under the name of “Sour Lemon”. The producer of the show’s humor said about choosing this name: “Ice in Paradise” is enjoyable in summer and we have chosen “Lemon” for the name of the program, because this fruit is as simple but full of properties, our program is also Simplicity is enjoyable and useful. In addition, the lemon is a bit sharp like humor. And in addition to this sharpness, it is also heartwarming and enjoyable.

Professor Ahmed explained: “If you are careful, its lemon is also a good flavor. Like lemon, its lemon can be a good spice for some bitter events in life, with the help of which these events can be tasted.”

The producer of this program, in response to the reporter’s question, do you think that this program had an effect on the audience’s humorous taste and was able to lead them to glorious humor? He explained: “If I say yes, this is a very big claim, but we received encouraging feedback from the audience, professors and humor experts.” I do not claim that “Lemon” is very humorous, in this program we also have simple and intimate jokes.

Professor Ahmad added: “It can be said that despite the fact that many people today believe that humor is not attractive, we found in” Lemon “that people also like literary humor.

In the end, Mehdi Ustad Ahmad announced the presence of Mohammad Zarvi as the guest of the program from Sunday, November 14th, and in this regard, he said: “Tanzestan” section in its lemon program will host satirists from all over the country. We host his brother Mohammad Zoei, who, in addition to his brotherly relationship, has a relationship between a teacher and a student in the field of humor.

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Today, Mohammad Zarvi is one of the best satirists and cultural directors in the country. In this program, he introduces many of the remaining works of the late Abolfazl Zoei, some of which are being published recently after his death.

In addition, in “Limotresh”, memories and small details of the life and childhood of Master Zarvi are expressed in the language of his brother, which can be said to be memories along with rizo intimate points that are broadcast for the first time in the media.

Listen to Saba Radio on the 105.5 MHz FM band.

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