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Maximum interaction between Sarmad and Bank Saderat Iran

According to the financial monetary news quoted by Sarmad Insurance Public Relations, Amir Mehdi Aminian, Vice Chairman of Sarmad Insurance Board, said at the national meeting of managers and heads of Sarmad Insurance branches and heads of welfare departments of Bank Saderat Bank of Iran, referring to the need for interaction between Sarmad Insurance and Bank Saderat Bank of Iran: So that both Sarmad Insurance and Bank Saderat benefit from this interaction.

He added: Bank Saderat Iran has an extensive network, the satisfaction of which will lead to the growth of Sarmad Insurance.

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sarmad Insurance pointed out: the speed and accuracy in providing services to the bank and all Sarmad customers should be observed and the existing issues should be followed up and resolved through monthly meetings between the bank and Sarmad and these meetings should be held at the provincial level. Lead to diagnosis.

The head of the General Welfare Department of Bank Saderat Iran called this bank the biggest customer of Sarmad and said: “The close interaction between Sarmad and the bank creates a potential capacity that should be used to advance the goals of the two groups and in this regard we are ready.” Listen to the provinces and solve their problems.

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