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Media Techniques in Cognitive Science | Technique 37: Fertile Earth, Harmful Crop

Fars News Agency – Media Group: Everything is apparently good, the crop is planted, watered and fertilized, but on the day of harvest everything falls apart. This can also happen in the field of media. Everything goes well to pursue good claims until a plague is advertised by foreign media.

The foreign media turns all public and popular demands into a political act based on a tactic called “fertile land, the product of the plague.” Encourage protest and riot in a benevolent appearance that causes the final product to suffer.

Alireza Davoodi, Master of Media and Cognitive Sciences, in an interview with Fars, while explaining the function of foreign Persian language media regarding the technique of “fertile land, the product of the plague”, said: They introduce, from a distance, when you look at it, at first sight, you are facing a completely fertile land that has a good crop, but the soil is defective and the soil is sick, and any crop that is planted in it, will be infested.

Davoodi added: “At the same time, the media do not blame this pest on themselves who advertised the defective soil, but they blame the pest on the farmer or Dehyar or Dehdar or the officials and state that the agents did not take care of it.”

The master of media and cognitive sciences continued that during the stock market crisis, the foreign media advised the people that they should hold a protest rally in the streets, if it does not come out, all your capital will be destroyed. We guarantee that the broker and the government will return your lost capital, so the very spirit of coming out and protesting is a clear example of defective soil, and whatever you plant in it, the crop is damaged.

Davoodi said: If you go, there will be a conflict, there will be unrest, you will be arrested, the force will suffer, who is to blame for this plague? When you look at it from a distance, it is called popular demand, but the defective soil material is the form of the pest product, so in this space, the hostile media itself creates a negative field subject, we have soil and land, we also have the crop, But in the meantime, they hide the soil pests.

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Davoodi emphasized that in the field of cognitive sciences, the technique of “fertile land, the product of plague” is mainly used in combining economic issues with political and security issues.

The tricks of foreign media to change the minds of Persian-speaking audiences are increasing day by day, knowing and understanding this war is part of the media literacy needed by our Iran today. Therefore, the media try to intervene in this process according to their goals. Creating, changing or strengthening beliefs is one of the functions of the media in accompanying the audience.

The relationship between various aspects of cognitive science and media in Iranian society has been less considered to date and this field is still in its infancy and it takes a long time to reach maturity and produce sufficient content.

Cognitive science theorists begin by believing that social meanings and how they are created in a culture are related to the social structure of that society and can only be explained in the context of that structure and its background. The subject is through the codes learned from his culture that he can understand social realities.

Meanwhile, although media programs in any society are influenced by the culture of that society, trends in cultural reproduction are also selective; Choose what elements of culture to convey. Television programs are not neutral and reflective of reality alone; The signs of television texts are encrypted with the cultural values ​​and ideologies of their creators, and what is represented is not the whole reality but only a specific part of it.

One of the applied fields influenced by the findings of cognitive sciences is the psychology of mass media. Among these, areas such as cognitive psychology are important contributors to understanding the cognitive errors that lead to wrong decisions, as well as designing the best way to influence public opinion. The mass media use the principles of cognitive psychology to attract and influence public opinion. One of the topics that forms the link between cognitive science and media is the issue of education, because one of the functions of media is education, and media, as one of our important sources of information, plays an important role in teaching and learning.

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It should not be forgotten that the media is selective. The media portrays a world that, while it may seem real, may not have the slightest relation to reality or even reality because a media production is always achieved from a selective point of view. This means that the media is selective and expresses what it deems desirable and conveys its purpose through message transmission processes. The hidden educational message, meanwhile, has a stronger effect on the audience than the overt message.

The “Narrative of Colors” short program series is a narrative of warfare techniques produced and broadcast on the Radio Dialogue radio network.

Media techniques have entered the field of cognitive sciences in today’s world, so Radio Dialogue has prepared a 90-part program to acquaint the audience with these techniques.
“Narration of Colors” is the name of this series of specialized programs in the field of cognitive sciences with the focus on media tricks in diverting public opinion, which has achieved the mission of this network in creating effective influence on the elites and activists of Iranian society.

This program, which is designed and produced in the form of new structures, in each part and in a conversation with Dr. Alireza Davoodi, media expert and cognitive science expert, with a specialized and analytical approach and with objective examples to expose foreign media techniques and The dissident seeks to destroy the mind of the Iranian people.

The narration of the colors is presented to the interested people every day at 11:55 AM on the 103.5 MHz FM band talk radio.

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