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According to Tejarat News, according to Articles 28 and 29 of the Criminal Procedure Law and in order to fulfill the tasks of the organization in the implementation of Clause 8 of Article 7 and Article 52 of the Securities Market Law and the duties and missions of the Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force and also in order to protect the rights and investors’ interests in the capital market, realization of justice and economic security, prevention and fight against crimes and violations related to the capital market, a cooperation memorandum was concluded between the Economic Security Police and the Securities and Exchange Organization.

Based on this, the fight against crimes and violations related to the capital market is done through participation in the process of crime detection, documenting cases and verifying the truth before the judicial authorities.

It is worth mentioning; This memorandum is based on goals such as timely and decisive confrontation with criminals and preventing the occurrence of crimes, improving the level of economic security, health and transparency of the capital market, identifying bottlenecks of corruption and accelerating the process of discovering, documenting and following up crimes in a timely manner as a judicial officer in the market. Capital is contracted.

Details of the cooperation agreement between the Economic Security Police and the Stock Exchange Organization

The topics related to the memorandum include cooperation and constructive interaction to prevent crimes, timely detection and continuous fight against them, improving the level of documentation of cases, prosecuting the accused, conducting preliminary investigations and following up cases according to judicial orders until the result is achieved.

Cooperation and interaction in order to exchange information and experiences by using the capacities and facilities of the parties, cooperation in order to improve the scientific and experimental level of the employees and experts of the parties within the framework of the memorandum, using the existing capacities of the parties at the level of the center and other provinces in order to advance the goals of the memorandum. Another issue is related to the memorandum of understanding.

Cooperation in the direction of detecting crimes, prosecuting and taking care of suspects of crimes related to the capital market, performing duties related to the affairs of judicial officers and performing legal duties in discovering, documenting, following up and handling cases, stopping activities, identifying and confiscating illegal assets, summoning and The arrest of the accused in the capital market, interrogation, inspection of places by the police and continuous fight against any corruption and crime in the capital market until reaching the final result within the framework of the current laws and regulations are among the obligations of the parties in this memorandum.

Interaction and cooperation in the field of identifying persons suspected of committing crimes related to the capital market, cooperation in the pursuit and extradition of capital market accused through the international police, technical and legal cooperation in the field of planning and follow-up of capital market cases, sharing statistics and information. Related to criminal cases in the capital market within the limits of the current laws by using databases is one of the other obligations of this memorandum.

it will be added; Exchange of plans and experiences in the fields of discovery, documentation and investigation of the accused by using technical and specialized facilities, sharing of cases leading to the commission of crimes in the capital market and, if necessary, conducting joint operations in order to pursue crimes, holding training courses joint scientific and experimental in order to learn as much as possible about the methods of committing crimes and the methods of dealing with them, giving priority to the requests of the parties in performing legal duties, exchanging opinions and suggestions in order to amend the laws and complete the proposed legal plans and bills are also among the obligations of the memorandum. goes.

I have to say; In order to implement the provisions of the memorandum, the police and the organization will introduce an informed and authorized representative to advance the issues, and also, if necessary and with the agreement of the parties, a committee consisting of selected members of the organization and the police will also be formed.

Regarding the other conditions of this memorandum, it can be said that the parties undertake to refrain from disclosing each other’s confidential information during the execution of the memorandum and after it, and to observe complete confidentiality within the limits stipulated in the laws and regulations in this regard.

If it is necessary to obtain special permits in the implementation of items of the memorandum or relevant programs, the parties will be required to comply and obtain the necessary permits.

Possible cases of disagreement in the interpretation and implementation of the memorandum will be resolved through interaction, negotiation and mutual understanding.

It is worth mentioning; The duration of the memorandum of understanding is three years from the date of conclusion and will be extended if the parties agree.

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