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Messi, the incomparable legend of football history + photo

According to the Fars news agency, the publication “Oliyeh Al-Riyazia” published statistics that prove that Lionel Messi is the unmatchable star of football history in winning different international trophies.

In the published statistics, the number of players in history who won the World Cup is counted at the beginning. So far, 471 players have won the World Cup. In the second stage, it counts the players who won the World Cup and the European Champions League, and the number of these players reaches 80.

In the third stage, it announces the number of players who won the triple World Cup, European Champions League and Ballon d’Or. Only 9 players in history have won the Big 3.

In the fourth stage, it introduces the number of players who have won (European Champions League, World Cup, Ballon d’Or and Golden Boot) and in this stage only Lionel Messi and German Müller won these awards.

But in the final stage, Lionel Messi becomes an incomparable legend of football history who has won 5 major awards (World Cup, European Champions League, Golden Ball, Golden Boot and World Cup Best Player Award).

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