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According to Tejarat News, Seyyed Reza Fatemi Amin, the Minister of Security, while appearing on a television program, called the most important upstream document for the Ministry of Security the resistance economy.

He announced the good growth of production in 1401 and said: The growth of the industry sector in the first nine months of last year was more than eight percent, which was twice the average economic growth of the whole country. Also, the growth of the industrial sector reached 11.6% in the fall of last year, which is unprecedented since 2016.

Fatemi Amin said: According to the customs statistics, in the first 11 months of 1401, the import of raw materials or intermediate goods grew by 14%, which indicates the boom in production, and the employment rate in the industry sector in the fall reached a new record of 8,300,000 machines.

Describing the measures taken in 1401, Fatemi Amin also stated: 3,200 new units were put into operation and 2,200 units expanded their investment and added to their production lines. 1600 closed units were also activated. In many cities, we have a problem of lack of workers, such as Eshtehard, Saveh, Zarandiyeh, Islamshahr, and the towns around Qom. It means that production has increased so much that industrial units cannot find labor.

Referring to people’s livelihood problems, Fatemi Amin said: In the last decade, production growth was much lower than inflation growth, and for the first time in Iran’s economy, we had inflation above 30% for 5 years.

He considered the solution to people’s livelihood problems to be the growth of production and said: When the growth of production continues for several years, like in the years 1400 and 1401 in the 13th government, the negative effects of the last decade can be gradually compensated.

The Minister of Security said about the modernization of machinery: The Ministry of Security has prepared a project for the renovation of industrial units, one example of which is the renovation of electric motors. More than 60% of the industry’s electricity consumption is done by electric motors, which can be reduced to 10%, which will be implemented with a new project with the Ministry of Energy.

Fatemi-Amin said about the implementation of the president’s transformation decree in the field of the automobile industry: “Most of the eight orders of the president have been implemented, such as extending the warranty period and increasing production.” For example, in 1401, the production of complete cars grew by 45%, which includes all types of cars. Also, Iran’s rank in car production in the world decreased from 19 to 16, and Iran has a high rank in the growth of car production.

Minister Samet also said about removing the car lottery: Unfortunately, due to the imbalance of supply and demand in the car market in previous years, people have had problems buying cars. In the Iranian market, on average, 1.5 million cars should have been supplied, which in the past few years had been less than one million units, and this production deficit in the 4 years before 1401 has created a lot of pressure. In addition, speculation still prevails in the car market, and its elimination requires the immediate approval of the capital gains tax law by the parliament.

Fatemi Amin also said about the car production plan in the new year: in 1402, the goal of car production is at least one million and 600 thousand units. Therefore, the car will be delivered to almost all those who have registered.

Minister Samet also said about the state of mining production: In the summer of 1400, which is the time of the change of government, the growth of the mining sector was negative, although the growth of this sector was negative for several consecutive seasons in the previous government. With the actions of the Ministry of Security in the 13th government, the growth of the mining sector reached a positive 2% in the fall of 1401.

He added: At the beginning of the work of the 13th government, 3000 mines were undecided and lacked accurate information. During this period, each and every case of these mines was examined so that the number of undecided mines has been reduced to less than 300 units and the information of mines has been fully integrated. By assigning mines, until the end of 1401, we had almost no pending government rights.

Referring to the change in the governance approach in the Ministry of Security, he announced about 60% progress and added: the hope of economic activists and producers has also increased for the future.

Minister Samet spoke about focusing on the investment balance program in the new year and stated: We will also try to make Iranian businesses shine at the international level in the new year.

Referring to the support of more than 70 organizations and production and trade unions of the country for the performance of the Ministry of Silence in 1401, he called it a sign of empathy in this sector and appropriate social capital of the Ministry of Silence.

Fatemi also announced plans to make the ministry of privacy more interactive in addition to looking ahead in the new year.

Source: ISNA

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