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More than 18 billion tomans of job creation facilities were paid in Khash and Taftan

In an interview with IRNA on Sunday, Reza Esmailzadeh stated: “Due to the favorable situation of Khash and Taftan cities for cultivating various agricultural products, most facilities have been paid in the field of agriculture last year.”
Referring to the support of facilities for 74 people in the field of agriculture and watershed management in 1400, he added: “One of the most important projects supported is the cold-water fish farming farm in Taftan, which has led to the development of employment in the villages of this region.”
The Omid Khash and Taftan Entrepreneurship Fund branch mentioned the construction of a greenhouse, broiler breeding, poultry complex and beekeeping as other projects supported by the fund in the field of agriculture.
He stated: Last year, more than 40 women benefited from the loan facilities of the fund and were employed in various fields, especially handicrafts.
Esmailzadeh also mentioned the brick-burning factory that is being built with the facilities of Gharz-ul-Hasna Fund from the sources of sustainable rural employment and said: “The construction of this factory in the Nokabad industrial area will provide employment opportunities for local youth seeking work.”

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