Mortgage bonds became more expensive?

According to Tejarat News, the ceiling on youth loans increased to two billion tomans.

Ali Assari, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News: According to the new law, the ceiling for youth mortgages has reached two billion tomans. Past records show that increasing the amount of loans leads to an increase in the price of Tse bonds.

He explains: The increase in the amount of news loans increased the price of TSE bonds. The closer we get to the settlement of these bonds, the higher the price.

Assari finally emphasizes: increasing the loan amount has a positive effect on bonds. Also, people who buy these stocks with the intention of fluctuating can make a good profit.

How much did Tse loans and securities reach?

The score of housing facilities in 1401, the price of TSE reached the range of 82 thousand tomans.

Families need to invest five to 15 years to get a mortgage to get a mortgage. According to the head of the specialized banks group of the Central Bank Credit Department, the minimum monthly deposit amount is 200,000 Tomans. If households deposit 400,000 tomans a month, they can receive a youth mortgage ceiling after 15 years.

The interest rate for youth housing facilities is between 6 and 9 percent and the repayment period is a maximum of 20 years. But the amount and installments of the youth mortgage are not yet known and it is said that the table of mortgage installments will be published soon.

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