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More than 40,000 missions have been carried out in the National Red Crescent Nowruz Rescue Plan

According to the report of the Central Headquarters of the Coordination of Travel Services, during the implementation of the Nowruz National Relief and Rescue Plan, which started from March 24, 1401 and continued until the end of the Nowruz holiday of 1402, 1,965 bases and posts were established throughout the country, totaling 4,414 The team was active in these bases.

This year, 4 thousand 79 missions and rescue services have been carried out, which shows a 24% growth compared to last year. During this plan, more than 58,000 victims of various accidents and incidents were helped, of which 1,582 injured were sent to medical centers, 346 technical rescue operations were performed, and 394 people were released from cars in road accidents. .

Also, 281 people have been rescued and transferred to safe areas, and emergency accommodation has been provided for more than 4,600 injured and stranded people.

According to these statistics, Nowruz 1402 compared to last year’s Nowruz has recorded a 15% growth in road operations by performing 1,875. Urban operations (239), operations related to weather accidents (161) and mountain operations (157) were in the next ranks in terms of the frequency of operations.

The most operations and rescue services have been carried out in the provinces of Mazandaran with 528 operations, Khuzestan with 436 operators and Isfahan with 332 operations. The provinces of Qom (26 operations), Alborz (35 operations) and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari (39 operations) have also registered the lowest frequency of operations.

Registration of one thousand and 875 road rescue and relief operations in the suburban axes

Since the beginning of the National Emergency and Rescue Plan of Nowruz 1402, 1,875 road rescue operations have been registered in the country’s suburban areas, which is 46% of the total rescue operations and services, which compared to the same period of the National Nowruz Plan, witnessed a 15% increase in road rescue operations in the suburban areas. We have been a country.

Within 19 days of the Noorzi National Rescue Plan, 1402 and due to the severity of road accidents, 346 technical rescue operations were carried out by Red Crescent rescuers, which led to the release of 394 injured people trapped in cars, which is more than the number of technical rescue operations. During the same period, we have seen a growth of 26%.

Based on the data recorded from March 24, 1401 to April 13, 1402, in road accidents, 1,140 injured (73% of the total injured) were transported to medical centers by ground ambulances of the Red Crescent Society, and 630 injured received pre-hospital medical services at the scene of the accident.

Providing rescue services to more than 9,500 people injured and stranded by atmospheric and climatic accidents

During the implementation of Nowruz 1401 plan in 26 provinces of the country due to heavy rain and snow and by carrying out 161 rescue operations in 88 affected cities and 186 operational areas including 73 axes, 16 cities, 94 villages and 3 nomadic areas, 9 thousand 505 Among the injured and survivors, the necessary relief and rescue services have been provided by the rescuers of Jamiat Hilal, and during this period, 1,860 people were injured and injured by setting up relief tents or going to rescue centers and emergency accommodation centers. They have already found emergency accommodation.

Based on the recorded data, 104 people surrounded by snow and floods were transferred to safe areas, 755 cars stuck in snow were released, and 165 residential houses were evacuated using 54 motor pumps and mud pumps, and five injured people due to mountain falls were transferred to medical centers. .

During this period, the most aid was provided in the provinces of Ardabil with 1,673 people, Semnan with 1,431 people and Khuzestan with 895 people. Also, during Nowruz plan, the most rescue and rescue services in weather and climate disasters have been carried out in the cities of Mehdishahr with 996 people, Khalkhal with 852 people and Sareen with 610 people.

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