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Morteza’s glass broke!/ In mourning for his lost father – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr News Agency, citing the public relations of the Center for the Development of Documentary, Experimental and Dynamic Cinema, the funeral ceremony of Morteza Poursamadi, the veteran cinematographer of cinema and television, was held on Monday, the 13th of Shahrivar, from Building No. 2 of Khane Cinema towards Behesht Bibi Sakineh. .

We have to measure being human with Poursamadi

Toraj Mansouri, a veteran cinematographer who was in charge of the ceremony, said at the beginning of this program: Morteza Poursamadi was a role model with whom we should measure being a human being. This artist traveled all over Iran and I, who have known him for many years, have the right to testify to his greatness. He was the eldest son of Iran and a trustworthy and generous person.

In the continuation of this ceremony, this veteran videographer said: “Let’s not cry for his body because Morteza taught us more than anything to be happy and see our surroundings well.”

In another part of his speech, Mansouri recalled: We Iranian cinematographers, that is, all the people of this profession, regardless of which category and group we belong to, we wish from the door of your existence and the great God to create other Mortezas..

Mohammadreza Aslani, one of the veteran directors in the documentary field, also stated: We lost many works that should have been made. This loss is the result of a kind of ignorance of our civilization because he was not only a cameraman but also discovered and presented beauty and depicted anthropology with photography.

He added: Morteza Poursamadi was the moving geography of Iran and we lost the Iranian man suddenly and unexpectedly. We should have taken care of him so that he does not have to work to earn a living at this age. How long are we going to continue this lack of culture?

In the mourning of an honorable cinema artist

Hassan Bashkoufeh, a cinema producer, also stated in this event: At Azim Javanrouh’s event, when I was in a very bad mood, Mr. Pourahmad, may his memory live on, said for my consolation, Azim did not owe his life and took his share. Now, the same should be said about Morteza Poursamadi, and I am lucky to have worked with him in both movies, documentaries and serials. But these works are not important, but his memories are important and we lack such great people


Referring to the artists who work with this status but are not appreciated, he said: We are television and unfortunately I have to say that we are homeless. The cinema house thanks us for being here, but the fact is that we came to the cinema from television.

Bashkoufeh clarified: the word “honorable” should be rightly used for Morteza Poursamadi in contrast to the word “dishonorable”. Unfortunately, we witness the loss of our loved ones every day. But here, I see many people’s places empty, like Ms. Beni Etemad, who I know why she didn’t come. I see the women who saw their father and brother in front of his camera as empty, and I doubt that the actor saw anything but kindness and honesty in the eyes of this artist..

Cinema producer Morteza Razzaq Karimi also described Morteza Poursamadi, pointing to the value of his works in the field of anthropology and sociology, and said: We need Poursamadis in society, and I hope a good portrait of him will be made so that younger people will know this artist..

Shahab Hosseini’s suggestion to read a book!

Shahab Hosseini, a film, television and theater actor, said in the funeral ceremony of the late Pour Samadi: Mr. Pour Samadi was exactly a manifestation of God’s love and whenever you said hello and he answered or hugged you, you felt that you were in the arms of God! This traveler of ours is eager to travel the truth. I don’t want to take more time, I just want to say that you should read Mr. Poursamadi’s fascinating book “Ajaq Sard” and those who want to know him or even give him an exquisite gift should go to this book..

He added: Mr. Poursamadi revived in me the feeling of the day when I lost my father because he acted as a father to me in the movie “Middle Class Dweller” and if they were not there, the movie would not have been finished..

We lost a versatile artist

Hassan Fathi, the director, also said in his words: We saw off many great people here, but it was hard for me to imagine the day when we saw off the master here..

He continued: We lost a multifaceted and comprehensive artist. He was a teacher of ethics without talking about ethics. He was a teacher of mysticism without talking about mysticism and it is our historical tragedy that experiences are not transferred from one generation to another.

As one of the last speakers of the ceremony, Mohammad Mahdi Asgarpour, the chairman of the board of directors of Cinema House, said: I wanted to say that Mr. Poursamadi became heavenly, but he was not very earthly. He left behind a valuable treasure, which I think was from his light and fluid spirit, and today he reaches his comforting position.


Morteza Poursamadi’s assistant also mentioned in short sentences that he called Morteza Poursamadi “Aghajan” and said: Aghajan was the greatest man I saw in my life and I am happy that he died with the same mezzanine he loved, that is, on his feet and on the stage..

Adel Poursamadi, the artist’s son, also expressed his condolences to his mother: After he became a heavenly father, I saw that the number of my brothers and sisters is much more, and this was encouraging. I envied my father several times, including the fact that at the age of 10, he found the meaning of life in the viewfinder of a camera, and this does not happen to everyone. It’s a pity that I don’t see him anymore.

Morteza Poursamadi’s wife was the last person to speak at this ceremony and thanked the attendees in short sentences and said: Morteza’s glass broke, our hearts were also broken and burned.

In this ceremony, Abdul Hossein Baderlo, Deputy Director of the Documentary Center for Development, Homan Moradi Kermani, Director of Documentary, Shahnam Safajo, Director of Production, Mohammad Tayeb, Director of the “Art and Experience” Group, and Javad Shaista, Head of Archives, Shahab Hosseini, Mehdi Soltani, Hamed Anga, Babak Karimi, Behzad Farahani. , Farhad Toheidi, Saifullah Samadian, Manouchehr Shahsawari, Jamshid Gorgin, Aziz Saati, Bahram Badakhshani, Toraj Mansouri, Hassan Fathi, Mohammad Mahdi Asgarpour, Habib Esmaili, Amirshahab Razovian, Mehdi Miami, Morteza Razzaq Karimi, Marzieh Broumand, CEO of Khana Cinema, Setara Eskandari Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabainejad, the former director of the Center for the Development of Documentary and Experimental Cinema, was present.

Morteza Poursamadi passed away on Saturday, September 11, while working on a movie project.

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