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My Persian Calculation of real estate consultants’ fees based on regional value

According to the economic reporter of Fars News Agency, the audience of Fars Man system requested to follow up on this subject by registering a flat topic titled “Creating a reference system for calculating real estate commission fee”.

The registrants of this campaign wrote: Considering the widespread violations of real estate consultants in charging multiple commissions, it is necessary for the relevant officials (Real Estate Association and the Parliament and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development) to think of creating a reference and valid system for online calculation of the commission fee. and at the same time, the receipt of the corporate commission should be recorded in that system to avoid taking excessive amounts.

* Changing the commission fee of real estate consultants

Therefore, the report of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development recently approved a resolution in the Council of Ministers, and amended the method of commission of real estate consultants.

According to the approval letter of the Council of Ministers, which was announced by the first vice president, the method of calculating real estate consultants’ fees was changed from determining the percentage of the parties to the transaction, to the figure of the regional value of the transactions, which is determined annually by the Real Estate Calendar Commission.

On this basis, determining the commission of real estate companies based on a percentage of the transaction price that causes ZCompanies benefiting from the high cost of housing was canceled.

Based on this approval, the fee rate of real estate consultants will be determined annually and changed every year.

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