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My Persian Popular demands to control the false statements of celebrities

Fars News Agency – Art and Media Group: In recent years, Fars News Agency has tried to become the voice of different sections of the people of our country by creating the popular system “Fars Man”. This interactive approach, bypassing repeated slogans, has entrusted the management of affairs in an operational form to the people who have always stood behind the system for four decades. People who have shown in historical situations that they know friend and enemy well and are properly familiar with the indicators and ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

The summation of surveys in the art section of “Persian Man” clearly represents the concerns of the people regarding the important issues of this field. “The need to monitor the content of home viewing platforms”, “Discovering hijab, taxation and the publication of lies by celebrities” are the most frequent topics that have been followed by users in recent months. Therefore, in a series of reports, we will follow these popular demands until the goal is reached.

* Publication of lies by celebrities

After the events and controversies of last year, a number of celebrities tried to discover the hijab, this group of well-known people are trying to make news through their personal pages in the virtual space or by being in a community. It is obvious that they deliberately and consciously take opposite actions and break social rules.

On the other hand, celebrities have been spreading lies for years and fanning the flames of unrest with unreal and marginalizing comments.

In this regard, “Fahimeh Agakhani”, a PhD student in political science, wrote in a note about the process of the formation of celebrities in the world and in Iran, the frameworks of their activities and the behind-the-scenes related to the stance of many celebrities after the recent unrest, wrote: “With the spread of virtual space and the public’s interest in social networks social media and the emergence of micro-celebrities and influencers, the celebrities who until yesterday were under the control of traditional media managers to gain more fame and popularity have entered the arena of social networks, and this time they communicate with their fans directly and more explicitly than before, with minimal observance of red lines. took and even reacted to the more explicit expression of their opinions in different areas of society.

“Now, all over the world, the management of celebrities and the way the government and official media deal with celebrities are important issues that have been resolved or are an ongoing problem in countries, and each country deals with this phenomenon depending on the type of its security-judicial system.”

The wave of hijabs has advanced to the point where some of these people are taking advantage of artists’ funerals so that their actions can be seen. In this regard, Philip Saperkin, the actor of the “Gando” series, released a video and said: “Today, I thought that I would die at least in the winter so that everyone They have to wear coats and hats so that no one uses my death to be seen.”

Events that have gone beyond the scope of some female celebrities and involved some male actors and caused them to publish their opinions in this regard; Mehdi Selahshor, a well-known madah of our country, wrote about Reza Kianian’s statements about observing the hijab in the virtual space: “Dear Ministry of Guidance, what are your plans for the celebrities who continue to beat the drum of breaking the law and finding the hijab as a religious and political taboo?” Complacency with these people results in its deception limited to young boys and girls who break the norm on the street for the nefarious intentions of these celebrities. It should be dealt with from the source.”

But perhaps one of the most important issues is the type of confrontation and confrontation with these events, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, addresses the celebrities who take off the hijab and says: “The female actors who took off the hijab, made a new choice to not be subject to the rules. . In the field of culture and art, we are at the service of loved ones who are bound by the law.”

The Minister of Culture continues: “If someone insists on not following the laws of the Islamic Republic, we do not insist on forcing them to do so; They can freely engage in other activities.”

* Demands related to the political comments of celebrities

A claim has been registered in my Fars system and requested to “Make political comments expensive for celebrities” (Read here) The text of this demand states: In all the countries of the world, there are laws to control the behavior of prominent people in the society, and you will rarely find a country where prominent personalities can comment on political issues without fear of prosecution. . In the country, however, it is the opposite, and the personalities who do not react to the incidents are attacked.

Many of the comments made by celebrities in the last few months were direct actions against the country’s national security. Despite the promise of the Head of the Judiciary in October 1401 to deal with celebrities, no charges have been imposed on these media terrorists.

* Confronting celebrities who promote veiling is a public demand

Also, several campaigns have been registered to deal with celebrities who promote obscenity, one of these campaigns requests “Lack of silence against Reza Kianian’s statements about not wearing a scarf” (read here)

In the text of this campaign, it is stated: Reza Kianian officially and explicitly called for breaking the law and Shariah at the commemoration ceremony of Atila Pesiani and encouraged everyone to remove the hijab and defended the removal of the hijab by celebrities.
Hasn’t it come time for the judicial system to come seriously and decisively against the insolence and rudeness and law breaking of celebrities and punish them without consideration and tolerance and inform the people about the result.
It is the serious demand of Iran’s martyred and revolutionary nation from the judicial system of the country to put an end to this kind of audacity towards the law and religion.

Other surveys registered in this regard “Decisive dealing with celebrities who promote veiling” (Read here) and “Decisive confrontation with some people who appear to be artists promoting indecency” (read here) have demanded.

In part of the texts of these campaigns, it is stated: After the riots of last fall, as it was predicted, some people who appear to be artists in the continuation of those programs, as the main executive arm of the implementation of unrestrained and indecency in the society and standing openly in front of the law and Sharia, they will come to the square, since some time ago this happened not in secret but openly, in public environments and even with speech objection.

Once and for all, the relevant officials should fulfill their national, legal and religious duties so that it will be a lesson for others. Famous figures running around like this and no one doing anything about it reinforces the idea that only people who have nothing to do are reprimanded, fined and dealt with.

The users of the Fars Man system wrote: “We demand a serious and instructive approach to breaking the law of famous figures.”

* Where do they protest and where are they silent?

Also, some questions in “Fars Man” system “Why did the celebrities remain silent in front of the testimony of the defender of honor?!” (read here).

The text of this campaign reads: Gentlemen and ladies who became famous with the money of this nation and lit a candle in front of the French embassy to sympathize with the French citizen who was killed by the group they supported, ISIS, and were sad, where are you now? Don’t be silent in front of the martyrdom of a zealous citizen (Shahid El Daghi) who sacrificed his life for the freedom and well-being of his countrymen and to defend the honor and daughters of Sabzevar, who were his greatest assets.

If you are Iranian, if you are freedom-loving and you feel the pain of the homeland, if people are important to you, stand up with the people of your country to support the zeal of Martyr Ammar Ba Maruf Sabzevari.


Examining the many signed and repeated campaigns of the Fars Man system of Fars news agency shows that the people of Islamic Iran have a special intelligence when dealing with celebrities and their opinions and are clearly aware of the deception of this group. It is for this reason that the members of the “Pers Man” people’s system have registered campaigns to deal with these measures, despite the need for follow-up, these campaigns show people’s intelligence and awareness of the country’s current issues.

Undoubtedly, this approach doubles the need for regulatory institutions to enter the issues so that a suitable answer can be given to their demands with the people’s approach.

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