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My Persian Supervision of VOD productions is a public demand

Fars News Agency – Art and Media Group: For almost a decade, the home television network has been producing and publishing various content in the form of movies and serials with a limited number of publishing platforms, platforms that, according to the conditions, should move along with Iranian Islamic culture and be a platform for promoting these concepts. But for some time now, some of the works presented in these platforms are not only incompatible with the popular culture of the Iranian people, but also promote some immoral concepts.

As with any issue, Fars News Agency’s “Fars Man” system is a follow-up to the public demands of the people in this matter, all of which have mentioned the need to monitor the content of VODs, and indeed, the home television network has engaged in unsupervised production. It has little satellite networks (which it constantly claims to oppose) and even considering the trust of the society in them, it can attack and disrupt the country’s cultural institution like a Trojan horse.

* The media does not harm national security and unity in any country

Regulating and monitoring the home television network and any publishing platform that has the possibility to produce and broadcast content in the country is essential, in this regard Seyed Morteza Mousavian, the CEO of “Media Literacy Association of Iran” said: “Regarding the duties that the Comprehensive Regulatory Organization is responsible for today. I have to announce this point to the esteemed audience that the important and necessary category of “regulation” exists in most countries of the world. For example, we can mention the “FTC” organization in the United States and “Ofcom” in the United Kingdom, which are responsible for regulation.

He emphasized: “In no country do we see the media acting in a way that harms national security and unity.”

*Stopping “Let me go”, a demand that was followed up

The series “Rahim Ken” is one of the productions of one of the platforms of the home television network, which has received many demands regarding monitoring or stopping its broadcasting. “Request to review the continuation of the series “Release Me”” (Read here) is one of these campaigns that follows this demand with nearly 10,000 signatures.

In the text of this campaign, it is stated: Considering the violations of “Filimo” norms in producing and broadcasting serials that are marginal and against religious, cultural, national and Islamic concerns, in the new series of the home show “Rahim Ken” it has gone further and sought We want to prevent the continued broadcasting of this series and to deal decisively with this media and its agents, promoting the unrestrained abandon and broadcasting absurd conversations between the “norm breaking” actors.

In this regard, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili said in response to the reporter of Fars news agency: “We have announced our position on this issue. The necessary law should be passed immediately in this regard, in this regard, we have given the proposed law to the friends of Sed and Cima, if the officials of Sed and Cima also give us their opinions in this regard, we will approve this law in one of the upstream councils as soon as possible. The ambiguities in this path will be resolved.

Regarding the prevention of the publication of this norm-breaking series, the Minister of Guidance noted: From a legal point of view, the issue of serials with sound and radio is legal and our friends must declare their position. “

Also other campaigns including “The need to address the issue of promoting abnormality in home movies” (Read here) and “Seriously dealing with the slanders of Filmo” (Read here) have been registered in line with this demand.

With a part of the text of these surveys, it is stated: It has been more than a decade that the home show network was created to open a knot, but unfortunately it has added a knot to the previous cultural knots, and while this platform can be an exceptional opportunity to promote the Islamic lifestyle and Iranian, but it has become a threat to shake the foundation of the family. The home show is devoted to promoting issues such as triangular or even square love, cohabitation and the vulgarity of the relationship between men and women and making it look normal, vulgar music, heavy make-up and awkward clothing.

We ask the country’s cultural institutions to take a decisive and deterrent approach with all seriousness in front of defamation and promotion of corruption on home networks, including on the platform of Filmo.

In this regard, in an interview with Fars, Mohsen Qaeminasab, the deputy of Satra, reported dealing with platforms that publish series with content that contradicts religious values; He said: “If content is produced without the supervision of Satra, it has committed a violation and we will report it to the judicial authorities, but if the same published work also contains immoral content, this is a separate and double violation that must be followed up.”

Ghaeminasab continued: “All publishing platforms are required to go through this legal process, but it is possible that some of these platforms have committed violations, for which we have provided a legal mechanism and we will introduce them to the judicial authorities.”

*Content that moderator is required

One of the demands raised in the “Pers Man” system “Monitor the dialogue and scripts of home network series” (read here), it is stated in the text of this demand: Unfortunately, the view of obtaining maximum profit and attracting the audience at any cost has caused that in the virtual space of celebrities and in the home screen space of some companies that provide services, all the assets of a nation, from culture and religion to They plunder and destroy the morals and customs of the society, which is the most optimistic scenario possible because sometimes it is seen that some of these people or companies have taken this path by supporting and taking a line from the opponents of the system.

It seems that everything should not be sacrificed for the profit of a few companies and movie producers or actors, and any setback in this work will cause irreparable damage to the future generation of the country.

Also monitoring VODs in another campaign with the topic “Why is there no monitoring of the content of home show series?” (Read here) and the text: “Please monitor the show network and behind the scenes of boring films, there are so many good films, both Iranian and foreign. Who chooses these movies? Who is responsible?!” it is registered.

* No to vulgarity and immoral concepts

“No to anti-ethical concepts in home network series” (Read here) It is a campaign recorded in the “Fas Man” system, in part of the text of this campaign it is stated: Do you really not understand the damage that watching most of the series of the home television network causes to people’s psyche, or are some people intending to damage They have the soul and mind of the audience.

Iranian cinema should define the duty of the people, really, all these educational groups and systems throughout the country are working day and night so that the teenagers and young people of this land grow physically and mentally in a healthy environment that is supposed to be responsible for political, social, medical, take responsibility for education, military, etc. and move this society towards further progress with a mind with a high accuracy rate, but by watching these movies that are fed to them under the pretext of entertainment, something of the people with a linear and pessimistic mind has become We will be involved in family collapse and a society with intolerant and rude people.

We must be honest, movies are not just entertainment, every movie, like it or not, teaches and induces a series of thoughts and behaviors, either good and developing thoughts or bad and weakening ones.

Also, another search has been registered in this system “End the production and distribution of vulgarity in home cinema” (read here), the text of this campaign states: “Regarding the cultural and coverage crisis in the country, while all those who are concerned about the roots of this crisis, Iranian cinema and home cinema have been the flagships of injecting decadent culture for years. They have a rich and Islamic lifestyle. The signatories of this campaign want to quickly stop this process and call the perpetrators of this neglect to justice.”


The last word is that on the one hand, home show platforms “create taste” by producing vulgar and immoral series, and on the other hand, they waste the important capacity of this space for culture, all of this shows the need to regulate and monitor this network. In fact, general users and experts emphasize the importance of the existence of platforms, but the main point in this is regulation and supervision, through which the platforms should accept to operate under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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