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Nation insurance is on the way to prosperity

According to the financial news report According to the public relations of Mellat Insurance, in the text of Alireza Yazdandoost, the CEO of Mellat Insurance Company, it is stated;

In today’s risky world, insurance is a business that gives people a sense of care to reduce a small part of their worries. No matter how much we look at insurance as an economic enterprise, our business has a strong sense of social responsibility and community care hidden in its heart.

Bimah Mellat, with a brilliant track record and by improving the records of the ratio of financial wealth in the country’s insurance industry and producing innovative products, is trying to prove to its customers that it is by their side for care and as a reliable support.

We have also taken great steps towards transparency in our underwriting activities so that shareholders and underwriters can easily monitor our performance and empower us to make corrections.

Today, during the activity of its new board of directors, Mellat insurance has walked as calmly as possible on a path that will surely bring prosperity.

Insurance Day is an opportunity to appreciate all the people of the country’s insurance industry. On this day, I congratulate all our hardworking and expert colleagues in Mellat Insurance Company and the insurance industry, and especially the insurers who have trusted Mellat Insurance.

I hope we can take bigger and more effective steps in the future to create a sense of peace and care for our customers as in the past.

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