Navidkia: Tomorrow’s game against Aluminum is important for me and my players

According to Tasnim News Agency reporter from EsfahanMuharram Navidkia stated in a press conference before Sepahan’s match against Aluminum in the final week of the Premier League: This is the last game of the league. It is true that maybe the result of the game in the table is not different for us and we do not have a chance for the second, even if we lose, we will not fall, but in any case, Sepahan games have always been important. All players like to play well.

He continued: “We do not have many players, but with all these descriptions, we try to play a good game against a good aluminum team.” I think since Rahmati came, they have been trying to play floating games and play better than before. It is a pleasure for me that the coaches choose this style because I like it. I hope both teams play well tomorrow. Tomorrow’s game may not affect our position, but this game is extremely important for me and my players.


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